Marketplace Released!

The main development this week has been the addition of a new Marketplace section!

It can be called up from a number of places from within GameGuru MAX:

  • From the Level Editor drop down Edit menu
  • After clicking "Add" in the Level Objects window you'll see a button at the base of the screen titled "Get More Objects"
  • When you are editing a sound source, say for example an audio zone, when the sound library appears you see a button titled "Get More Music and Sound"

The Marketplace offers a number of different sources from where you can search for new content for your games.

  • GameGuru MAX - this column shows the latest Game Kits made and published by TheGameCreators -  currently there's the new Aztec Game Kit and the Booster Pack 
  • Game Creator Store - here you'll see some example models that are available for free or to purchase from The Game Creator Store. One such FREE model is the AIKO character that has been updated to today's graphical fidelity! You can easily grab her and add her into your GameGuru MAX games so it's well worth signing up to the store if you don't yet have an account. Once you have purchased or downloaded free content from the store, you will be able to access from a new "Purchased" category in the Object Library (just below the Showcase category)
  • Sketchfab - this popular web site offers thousands of high quality assets from different artists. Some of TheGameCreator's items on this store are featured in the Marketplace and we encourage you to check out their website for ideas for your projects. Many items can be downloaded and then imported for use within GameGuru MAX
  • Import Your Own - This takes you to the GameGuru MAX 3D model importer, allowing you to bring in your own models and add them to your MAX library

The Sound section of the Marketplace looks like this:

  • Game Creator Store - takes you to the independent Game Creator store where you can browse music and sounds
  • Shockwave Sound Store - adding a great music track to your game can really transform it. This website offers thousands of music tracks that you can buy and use in your games. TheGameCreators have used them for their own video presentations and can highly recommend them
  • Import Your Own - if you have your own music and sound files then use this to add them to your MAX library

Plus a host of misc fixes

  • Fixed issue of standalone crashing when no PERLIN script
  • Small fix to restore project filters
  • To avoid adding drown logic to ALL behaviors, a global function is that characters will lose health quickly when their heads go below the water line, ultimately killing them via damage received.
  • LUA - fix for labelled dropdowns not displaying the correct number of values
  • LUA - fix for floats specified with a range not having a slider
  • Removed limit on camera shake

Finally, today is the deadline for the Real World Game Level Competition. Don't be late, get your entries in NOW! Read details on how to submit HERE