There's a new demo called Operation Amazon and plenty of fixes!

Here is another maintenance version that fixes many issues:

  • Moved weapon choice into behavior properties if the weapon used
  • Added new animation set awareness in behaviors to choose different animations
  • Added Behavior Animations component to show all animations in set
  • Allow individual animations to be changed for any character
  • Added visual effect for when the player is immune to damage
  • Fixed crash when attempting to use play speech on a character that has no mouth shapes
  • Added new behavior to trigger specific animations using dropdowns
  • Increased camera shake for any player melee damage
  • Character pose animations change in the editor based on the animation set chosen
  • Added extra logic so characters use weapon fire rate and clip size for reloading

The newly added Demo Game 'Operation Amazon' is set in the Amazon rain forest and follows the adventure of you and four allies to collect three top-secret laptops from an enemy base. The demo game, originally titled Silvershade, came third in our recent real-world height map competition and was created by Ali Abdulrahman.

Finally, a heads up for you! We have integrated support for the Animation Booster Pack coming soon! Watch this space ?

Happy game-making!