GameGuru MAX - What's new this week?

Welcome to the first June update to GameGuru MAX!

The main improvements in this build are focused on the Marketplace system and the Particle effects.


Thumbnails are larger to help you see the featured assets and the Importer is now accessed from the object library for quicker access and to release space for the main screen. We've also improved the UI of the download screen. The preview thumbnails download one at a time, fixing the pause when first enter marketplace.


  • Community created behaviors have been added:
    • Slipping
    • Trap Doors
    • Water height control
    • Reading documents
    • Spike traps
    • Security camera detectors
  • There's now improvements to the door sliding and teleport behaviors.


  • Added support for Particle Editor imports
  • Code added to support the Particle Editor DLC release (17th June). Users who purchase the particle editor will be able to call it up, make an effect, export the effect and select it back in MAX seamlessly
  • Particles in the level editor now retain their rotation when previewed
  • Updated Switch Escape to fix particle emitter issue on second test game run

Misc fixes

  • Fix for crash when saving as standalone
  • Fix for being unable to use visual logic on objects that were duplicated
  • Fix for "SetWaterHeight" not updating the water visuals
  • Improved the animation import system to account for more variants of a rigged animation
  • Weapons are now detected and added to the game engine without leaving the software
  • Decals are now detected from both decal folders, including the writable folder

Happy game-making!

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