Today sees the launch of the GameGuru MAX Particle Editor!

This new DLC add-on is compatible with GameGuru MAX and integrates seamlessly.

It's easy to use and brings fast GPU particles to your 3D creations and, by leveraging the power of your GPU, it creates stunning complex effects with high particle counts - without a big performance impact!

The Particle Editor provides tools for controlling all the essential effect parameters and lets you create particle movement and flows visually without the need for programming or complex formulas.

You can then export your particle effect to GameGuru MAX and start using it immediately in your games.

Key features include:

  • Create effects with as little as 1,000 to 1 million particles
  • Emitter types incluide box, circle, disc, filled sphere, spherical shell, line
  • Burst emitters for explosions and sparks
  • Particle type settings from size, colours, lifespan and more
  • Animated image particle support
  • Particle blend modes supported, opaque, alpha, additive
  • Particle colouring controlled using gradients
  • Particle orientation control
  • Turbulence system
  • Vector field controls, paint, push, attract, repel, swirl
  • Custom textures and gradients supported
  • Reflector system used to bounce particles off floors and walls

Now you can add that extra level of quality and polish to your creations with this powerful visual effects toolset.

NB: This DLC is the same as the AppGameKit Studio Particle Editor. If you own that then you do not need to purchase this DLC.