A big thank you to everyone who submitted a screenshot for our spooktacular Halloween competition and, as always, the community came through with some cool entries and gave the judges a hard time picking winners! 

We asked you to create an amazing Halloween screenshot with extra spookiness and these are the worthy five:

James - First Place - $100

This was our top pick. Great visuals, very spooky and plenty of pumpkins ? The scene is very well stagedand includes lots of subtle details to keep your eye moving over the shot.  The bright windows in the foreground and fogged lights in the distance are a nice touch too! Congratulations!

Fabio - Second Place - $75

You will remember Fabio from the last competition, a great one for setting the scene.  Excellent use of subdued lighting and color to create a hollow and desolate scene with spooky gravestones for any would-be player to venture through ?

Paul - Third Place - $50

You have to look twice to realise this is a screenshot from GameGuru MAX and it really shows what happens when you go all in on custom assets and spend plenty of time on scene staging.  The colours and lighting are great and including a pretty scary clown made this shot instantly spooky ?

Pek - Fourth Place - $20

We really like the detail in this scene - and the strong silhouetting of the pumpkin and the skull. The stage, a spooky old house and a creepy old painting was a great touch ?

Aaron - Joint Fifth Place - $20

Martin - Joint Fifth Place - $20

We just could not decide between these two - so chose to award them both joint fifth place - they both aim for that spooky atmosphere we looked for. The first populated by ghosts we can see, and the second populated by ghosts we must imagine.  Both show great visual touches using fog and haze to give the scene a realistic feel.

We also want to give a massive thanks to everyone who entered the competition - it is never easy to judge, but we hope you like the screenshots above, and for those starting out with GameGuru MAX, a glimpse at the things you can create if you put some time in.

We have more competitions coming up but, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy using the FREE Halloween Mini-Kit that we released on Steam. We will keep it active for all GameGuru MAX users so you can access it any time during the year, not just on Halloween.

Congratulations to everyone and to stay up to date with product news, special offers, and details of the next competition sign up for our monthly newsletter!