Included in the GameGuru MAX Hub are several demo levels showcasing the kinds of games you can create, and a good number of them are created by members of the community. A notable contributor and excellent level designer is 'Ghost LOL', creator of the demo called "Canyon Offensive"; a romp through rock-lined hills on a mission to mash through waves of enemies and puzzles to reach the island's only helicopter.

The original level took 18 hours to make and Ghost LOL had the brilliant idea of recording the whole process as a timelapse. It was only recently that this fact became known, and so we thought it would be of interest to the community to showcase the timelapse and also offer the demo as a standalone game to anyone interested in playing the demo level outside of GameGuru MAX.

We have increased the speed of the timelapse to around an hour of viewing and included the demo link in the video description. As this is one of the first demos we've released as a standalone, we also made sure the performance was tuned to run great on GameGuru MAX's minimum specifications. 

To watch this amazing level come to life, check out our YouTube Channel here: