This new build of GameGuru MAX Early Access brings many speed optimisations and issue fixes plus a brand new Demo Game - Canyon offensive! 

First the fixes! We've sorted many speed optimisations and whole host of issue fixes including: 

Level Editor

  • The widget can now be toggled on and off with the F1 key, and the F2,F3 and F4 keys control both the widget and smart positioning mode
  • The undo/redo will now work when moving objects with the widget
  • Fixed the widget from toggling on/off multiple times with one key press
  • Particles - selecting particles will not longer resets their scale
  • The shooter relationship dialog box is now correctly positioned

Test Level

  • Lower FPS no longer causes slow walking of the player
  • Bullet holes no longer have a white artefact around them
  • Added CTRL+H to toggle the HUDs on/off during test level (makes it easier to take screenshots)


  • AI characters will now speak
  • Animated objects should now animate
  • Revolver ammo can now be collected

The Hub

  • When clicking on a game thumbnail it will now respond immediately and show the right preview image
  • A few users were not seeing weapons appearing when they pressed Play Game from the Hub. This should be fixed
  • The number of demo games now corelates to number of demos in tutorialbank/games
  • Updated the Discord link in the Hub


  • Stopped a shack building from losing it's walls from appearing


  • The shadow system now avoids over shadowing further away from the player which speeds up the process
  • Objects that are occluded by other objects are no longer drawn
  • Objects that are small and far away from the player are no longer drawn
  • Ensured the CPU and GPU stats both show on the left tab screen and are not off screen
  • Split up the draw call count into opaque, shadow, and transparent calls in the profiler
  • Added the number of triangles being drawn to the profiler
  • Made sure fpe "WEMaterial" setting is used over old cullmode
  • Optimized by ensuring wicked particles and water ripple are now used
  • Technical optimization: Added a flag to remove Temporal AA
  • Technical optimization: Added a flag to remove ray traced shadows
  • Temporary removed tessellation becuase it does not currently work well
  • Technical optimization: DrawDebugWorld limit and do not always BindCommonResources only if needed a little more speed

AND.......we've added a NEW Demo Game, 'Canyon Offensive' by Wojciech Zyza, where you can battle through this fantastically designed level to freedom ?

This great demo game only took 18 hours to make!
If you haven't yet taken the plunge and bought GameGuru MAX it's available now with a great launch discount! 

Dream it ∙ Build it ∙ Play it! ?