For those familiar with the latest development work, you will be aware of the conversion work to bring GameGuru MAX up to the latest version of the Wicked Engine, which was last synced over a year ago.  We revealed some of our progress in recent live broadcasts and have made further progress in this area since. Some aspects went very well and other areas are taking considerably longer than we anticipated, to the degree that it may start to impact our ability to stay on top of issues reported with the current public version.

In order to provide you with an improved experience on the current version we have decided to place extra resources and time on reducing the issues board backlog and push the conversion to the latest Wicked Engine until after we release V1.  This will not jeopardize any of the features you currently have, but simply push some features that exist in the latest Wicked Engine down the line.

From conversations on socials and from dialog with users reporting issues, we are confident that the decision is the right one and will benefit the most users in the short term.

To give our team even more time to spend on crushing bugs and issues, we have also made the decision to push back the features yet to be implemented, so that bugs take top priority over enhancements.  Naturally, work on these forthcoming features will continue organically and we already have community involvement to expand the capabilities for RPG gaming, such as the excellent work by Necrym59 to be released in a series of updates after the Christmas break.

We have in fact been in this mode for some time, and already have a decent list of fixes and additions to share with you before Christmas, and if you have Steam auto-updates enabled, you will find the following improvements to the latest public version:

  • Re-instated last good DX11.1 games and graphics engine for build for more stability
  • Resolved issues with some early AMD cards, no longer random crashes from above
  • Added three new LUA commands to control object texture and texture UVs
  • Updated Screen Editor to enable changing of in-game HUD gadgets
  • Added Flashlight collectible and new flashlight LUA commands
  • Fixed issue with play animation not respecting built-in anims
  • Fixed issue of buildings and other objects killing navmesh generation

For more information on the current state of all reported issues, you can view them on our issues board.

For those who have just joined our news section, you can check out GameGuru MAX right now for FREE by visiting the Steam page and downloading the free trial version here.

Happy game-making!