Happy new Decade! The next mobile revolution is underway and we'll all join in when local conditions for each of us beckons in this truly revolutionary change.

What is this revolution?

The migration to 5G connectivity. 5G phones and some city-based networks are already available and the roll out to wider areas is well underway. With the promise of faster up and download speeds, the technology will open up many new opportunities, with larger data transmission, faster speeds and all manner of devices connecting up to the network. Apps will be able to send and receive data at broadband like speeds, and downloading new apps and media will be almost instant.

There are bound to be new and exciting innovations that we cannot predict at this time. The future's bright and it'll be super-fast! Bring on the 2020’s we say?

We’ve been moving steadily (and stealthily ?) towards a solid plan for 2020 and are super excited about the announcements we will be able to make very soon! Although you can probably guess it involves new UI, new multiplayer, new performance, new character creator and some new stuff that will make 2020 a year to remember in the history of GameGuru. We do listen intensely to our community but, being a small team, it takes us a little longer than the big boys to respond with improvements, however our official news later this year will hopefully be well worth the wait.

In the meantime there are some great GameGuru DLCs scheduled for great promotions in January and these include:

If you are looking to start a new game making project or enhance your existing work, it’s definitely worth checking out these discounted DLCs for a new year of game making fun!

AppGameKit Studio

At the start of 2020 our main focus is to extend the Vulkan engine so that it works on iOS, Mac, Linux and Android. It's now vital that we do this engineering work to ensure all developers can create fully cross platform apps with the AppGameKit Studio Vulkan renderer. It means we'll be hunkering down for a while to get this big work done and dusted.

If you're considering upgrading to Studio then watch out for our next discount window when AppGameKit Studio will be on offer from 6th January for two weeks.

AppGameKit Classic

We have some great deals this January on some of the AppGameKit DLCs. From the 6th January the Giant Asset Pack #1 will be discounted 60% and there’ll be 40% off the Shader Pack. The Visual Editor and Games Pack 2 will both be discounted by 50% from the 13th January for a two-week period.

If you're considering buying AppGameKit Classic then take advantage of a special 60% discount that's due to go live on the 20th January.

YouTube Tutorials

We’ll be publishing weekly, yes weekly, AppGameKit beginner tutorials to help newcomers get to grips with coding and learning about the many hundreds of commands packed into AppGameKit.

Subscribe to the AppGameKit YouTube channel to ensure you don't miss out.

The first one is now available to watch AppGameKit Studio Tutorial: Making a physics game - Part 1

Made with AppGameKit!

In this feature we look at some of the great apps and games made with AppGameKit……

This month’s guest developer is Georgy Medar, a 50-year-old indie developer from Russia. He's a graphic designer by trade and first discovered he could also do some coding when he used DarkBASIC, an older product by TheGameCreators. He now uses AppGameKit to develop his amazing looking game Aquatic.

Georgy chose to use AppGameKit because it's multi-platform, flexible, supports 3D, easy to use, inexpensive and is constantly updated. The larger engines like Unity and Unreal are not for him, they are too complex.

His first game in AppGameKit was called "Asteroid Miner", where a small robot had to look for various resources on a round planet.

In 2018 a game-making competition inspired Georgy to start working on his latest game "Aquatic". After two months of work he entered the game and it won 3rd place!

Work continues on Aquatic, with game development inspiration taken from role playing games like Fallout and Diablo. He hopes "Aquatic" will turn out just like those classic games.

Script writing and the game's plot is original and invented by Georgy. As a writer of novels, the writing is no problem for him!

Here's a quick plot synopsis: As an adventurer and underwater photographer, you find an advert on the net. It says that one rich man dropped his expensive smartphone at sea! A big reward was announced for finding this item.

The game’s main character decides to go in search of the missing phone. In the course of scuba diving, he is captured by members of the "scuba fraternity" who recruit new members, spend all the time underwater and plan to completely flood the planet.

The main hero must survive in the new world, prevent the aggressive plans of the "brotherhood" and return to the world of "crackers" (on land).

Development continues on the game, with a big re-write and the creation of a full level editor and story management system. Making these tools speeds up the creation of levels and the overall game. The first release of the game is planned for Spring 2020 and we’ll be sure to review it when it's released!