AppGameKit - Games Pack 2

If you wanted to know what kind of games you can make with AppGameKit, then look no further than the AppGameKit Games Pack 2, which includes a range of full games spanning multiple genres that show the diversity you can achieve.

Each game comes with full source code allowing you to learn how the developers of these games made them.

In this compendium, you will find:

  • Gold Rush - this fast paced matching game will keep you on your toes! Mine as many gems and gold in the time available.
  • Freddy and the Virtual Worlds - a classic platform game. Guide Freedy around the many levels and use his special wind assisted power to beat the enemies!
  • Drop 'em - think in 3D with this mind bending puzzle game.
  • Tarmac Tommy - Help Tommy drive around the game levels picking up coins and fuel.
  • Yttrium Wars - inspired by 80s Amiga shoot-em-ups, this side scroller will test the best of players.
  • Diamond Demolition - this casual colour matching game is a great time filler.
  • Bad Robot - retro arcade gaming at it's finest. Shoot before you get shot!
  • Super Box Man - a classic game genre that will have you scratching your head within the first few levels!
  • Wordy for kids - test your kids or your own word and spelling skills in this puzzle game.
  • Zombies Stole My Video Game - a simple arcade shooter that speeds up and becomes more frantic as time passes, how long will you last?
  • Code Breaker - a real brain teaser with some extra modes to test the best at this classic game genre.
  • Froggy - a scrolling action game with multiple levels
  • Space Monkey - a space arcade game
  • Hopper - A retro remake of the classic Frogger!
  • Particle Editor - a cool tool for creating particle effects

Each game has been created in AppGameKit and shows the polish and excellence that can be achieved with this amazing programming language, giving you confidence that using AppGameKit to start your programming career can lead to success on Steam, Apple App Store and Google Play.