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DarkBASIC Professional


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At the start of 2016 we decided to open source DarkBasic Professional and give it to the community to evolve and control.

We're still in the process of sorting out the source code and preparing it to be fully open source and ready to go. We expect to have more details mid-February.

You can read more about this process in the forums HERE.

About DarkBASIC Professional

In its day, DarkBASIC Professional was an advanced games development package built on the BASIC language. It was easy to use and it started many a young programmer on their journey into the game business.

We frequently updated the product and it grew to include many powerful game making features.


Binary Space Partitioning (BSP)
Potential Visibility Set
Pixel & vertex shaders
Real time shadows
True reflections
Advanced terrain
Multiple camera views
Particle system
Lightning fast 2D sprites
Polygon collision detection
Bump mapping
Light mapping
Environment mapping
Bone based animations
Cartoon shading
Rainbow rendering
Low level access of object data
Vector and matrix manipulation

Super-Fast 2D Sprites
Mirror, Stretch and Blur
Fade, Transparency and Rotate
Screen-Sized sprites
Fast Collision
Animated Sprites
Gamma Control
Scale Sprites
2D Drawing Functions

DLLs containing FORMATTED FUNCTIONS can be dropped into the plug-ins directory, after which they become commands within the language.

Creates .EXE files
Encrypt and compress exes
Icon control of exes managed
Breakpoint markers
Produces 100% machine code

Step Through Mode
Variable Watcher

Project manager
Function folding
Syntax formatting
Online help
Showcase examples

Does "Professional" Mean Harder To Learn?

Not when it comes to DarkBASIC Professional. "Professional" to us means that you get all of the benefits of the original DarkBASIC language, so you can write games with ease. But you also get the lower-level control and extras you would expect from a Professional language. There are an increased range of Data Types, a far more advanced 3D Engine with low level access to Object data. You can utilise vector and matrix manipulation via the 3D Maths commands and many other advanced features that are there if you need them.

DarkBASIC Professional will grow with you as you learn new development skills and extend your 3D knowledge, so you can unlock the benefits of the more advanced areas of the language. Even if you master all of the 1000+ commands on offer you can extend DarkBASIC Professional with your own DLLs which allow you to create custom commands.



DarkBASIC Pro is now open source! You can access the full source code here;

DarkBasicPro OpenSource Repository