DarkBASIC Tutorials

We built DarkBASIC so you could easily write your own games and programs. However we recognise that there are many aspects of development - programing, graphics, 3D, music, gameplay, testing and so much more! and that is why we built this part of the site. Not content with giving you the tools to write your program we also offer quality content, resources and articles to allow you to create the best titles possible.

3D Monster Hunt (25 Tutorials / Beginner Level)

Over the course of 25 tutorials you'll learn to write your own 3D Monster Hunt game including particle effects, mouse-look controls, a HUD, enemy AI, matrix creation, fogging and more. The tutorials are broken down into three sections: The Basics, Matrix and The Game. Full source code and media is included for each tutorial.

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Binary Moon (53 Tutorials / Beginner Level)

Here we introduce a massive selection of DarkBASIC tutorials. They cover everything from the "basics" of BASIC (variables, arrays, maths, loops, functions and structure) to 2D Code (basic 2D, syncing, text, objects, images) to 3D Essentials (Terminology, Primitives, Objects, Camera, Fog, Lighting, Matrics) and also a huge 28 part Lesson on creating your own 3D game with special effects, artificial intelligence, collision, scoring, messages, menu programming, sound and music, landscapes and much more! This is essential reading for newcomers everywhere.

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Beginners Guide to DarkBASIC Game Programming Book

Written by two vetern games authors and published by Premier Press this huge 750 page book will teach you everything you need to know about games programming in DarkBASIC. It assumes you are new to the world of BASIC and takes you through all of the very first steps from installing and configuring DarkBASIC to writing your own multi-player online game!

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