TheGameCreators are excited to announce our first collaboration with artist EyeFly.

The Lake Town Booster Pack contains 365 assets, enabling you to create your own fantasy or medieval shore front - perfect for classic RPG style games. Designed around the theme of a wooden timbered fishing town, you'll find a ton of assets: pre-fabricated buildings and more than 180 individual construction parts, including walls, stairs, roofs, window shutters and doors allowing you to create you own buildings of almost any size.

In addition to the amazing building assets, you'll find matching wooden furniture and fishing gear, including beds, tables, chairs, stools, fire pits, nets and boats, along with a selection of lanterns and torches to light your way.

The pack also contains 10 unique vendor signs, each with 3 variants, and sign posts to hang them from.

For that final touch, all doors and stairs are compatible with the Building Editor, enabling you to create yet more buildings, easily and quickly.

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