Imagine being able to ask your computer to make you a game. Sounds a bit far-fetched and wacky eh? Well, you might be surprised to learn that it’s closer to reality then you think.

In August OpenAI published new details about their OpenAI Codex, their AI system that translates natural language into code. The system can interpret written sentences in plain English and creates real code that can be executed. Take a look at the video demo on their website and see how a simple 2D collision game is made using their system.

It’s really impressive to see the game build up phrase after phrase. This technology will only get smarter as it learns and expands into the future – it’s definitely one to watch!

Later this month we’ll be releasing a new version of AppGameKit Classic. Support for Android App Bundles is the main focus of this update to ensure full compliance with the Google Play Store rules.

The AppGameKit Sound Library will feature a new category of sounds when it gets updated next week and will be discounted by 60%! Plus, we have great deals coming up this month on:

We will also roll out an update for AppGameKit Studio later in September with similar changes to those in Classic, plus there’ll also be some IDE fixes and tweaks.

AppGameKit Studio is discounted by 60% this month so grab your copy while it’s at this great price!

Look out too for the Particle Editor which is also discounted towards the end of the month.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered GameGuru MAX.  We are truly grateful to our Alpha users and early adopters for the faith shown in GameGuru MAX (and us!) and their involvement and feedback so freely given and shared with us.

Pre-orders for GameGuru MAX are now closed. We’ll continue to release Alpha builds each Friday and we’ll be working alongside our early adopters as we crunch to the first official Early Access release of GameGuru MAX at the end of November.

Development progress in August focused on the AI system and the new terrain system. In our weekly Live Broadcast we showcased how the shooter gameplay mode allows the creation of game logic with no coding required. Additionally, there were a variety of smaller new features and a focus on fixing many of the bugs reported by our community.

Take a look at our latest update video explaining what’s been happening on the development front with GameGuru MAX.

We are pleased to say that we’ve been fixing all the reported bugs for the GameGuru Classic September Bug Fix update. We are now in testing and are on schedule to release the update in September as part of our commitment to making sure GameGuru Classic is bug free.

For those who are still finding bugs, please post them on our GitHub Issues Board - this is the only way we are able to reproduce and fix them for you. We release updates every 3 months with the sole aim of ensuring GameGuru Classic remains stable and bug free.

If you’re planning a new game-making project then we have some great promotional offers coming up including:

If you’ve worked on a GameGuru project and would like to show it off to our great community (and further afield) please do load up your app or game to our Showcase page!

This month we talk to Mike Hood (aka Hudd), who is based in Manchester in the UK, about his creation ‘The Book of the Game’. A regular on the forums since 2007, he has been playing around with TheGameCreators products for a long time and about 5 years ago, inspired by a few indie games and their successes, decided to write his own game.

Not something to rival GTA or FIFA, but a top-end indie game” says Mike “I was already a professional developer, working at banks in financial risk modelling - I just needed to learn a few new tricks to make games. That's been a long journey!

The ‘The Book of the Game’ is an open-world RPG, set in the world of the books also written by Mike (available on Amazon), where you can hire adventurers, buy them equipment and then explore and find dungeons and special locations. You can do more mundane tasks like acting as guards to make some money. You can turn to banditry or trade... and you can even get involved in some of the book's plotlines, with special missions. As your character progresses they will get much more powerful, but….. it's a brutal game…. don't get too attached to them!

Mike did all the design and development for ‘The Book of the Game’ and the art and sound has been done by various freelancers. His kids have helped too - doing some testing, suggesting improvements and delighting in doing some of the sound effects! 

After 3 years of working part-time on the game, whilst working with a full-time job too, Mike has taken the last two years off his day job to finish this project. He says, “We are now Beta testing, with the focus on bug finding, final polishing of the presentation and game balance. I expect it to be ready on Steam about the start of 2022.

Sounds great and we look forward to seeing ‘The Book of the Game’ in action on Steam in 2022!