And so we begin a brand new year, with the perils of 2020 behind us and exciting times ahead as we make exponential advances in technology and innovation. Taking a broad view of the technology landscape, there is no sign of slowing down the adoption of our digital lifestyles as we add more useful gadgets to make our lives more convenient, productive and fun. We are starting to see some serious inroads into the electrification of transport, transformation of power generation, the connected home, and even the connected human as we continue to integrate ourselves into a massively expanding digital universe.

The computing industry is also seeing some fascinating shifts too, not just the steady growth of Virtual and Augmented Reality, but new devices with the power of traditional desktops now appearing in laptops, and even mobile platforms thanks to advances in streaming technology. Could the next few years see the end of mainstream desktop, replaced with hybrid solutions that connect your handy laptop to additional hardware when you're at your desk? For the person who loves technology, we can predict an exciting twelve months, and hopefully, a return to normal in the 'real' world.

This month in AppGameKit Classic we have these great discounted offers:

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With almost a full year of GameGuru MAX development under our belt we are in a great position to plan out the remaining work during 2021. We already have full support for 64-bit, VR based on OpenXR, a new graphics engine, new terrain system, unified source code control, new particle system, a dynamic LUA system. Best of all though are the foundations of a much improved UI design that includes brand new features to complete the package, many of which we are looking forward to revealing in the weeks and months to come.

We are moving more resources to GameGuru MAX development in 2021 which means more coders and more artists, accelerating the implementation of our existing design improvements, and the introduction of new features such as full in-game screen customization, a visual logic system and procedural generation techniques.

The goal of course is to make your life a lot easier when it comes to creating first person 3D shooter, puzzle and RPG games; no coding or model creation required. We have created an internal protocol to provide you with weekly updates on completed sections via our live broadcasts (every Wednesday at 4PM GMT) on our GameGuru YouTube Channel, followed up with regular builds via our new auto updater system for all pre-order customers, not to mention a method for you to easily report bugs and have them fixed as a priority.

We hope you enjoy following the progress and builds, and as always, we look forward to engaging with you and helping you create some cool games in 2021.

As you may know we released our 'Christmas FIxes' update which at the end of last year fixed all the reported GitHub issues marked as bugs. As with all game engines, it never stays zero for long, but it's great to know we have a system in place now to make sure Classic users are supported, even as we continue to develop GameGuru MAX. The tentative date for the next Classic update will be in March, so if you have bugs that are preventing you from completing your game, please do post these in our GitHub issues board and they will be on the list for fixing by March (

Of course, we have some new promotions for you in January including:

This month we’re dipping into the AppGameKit developer forums to see some of the creative projects our community have been showcasing.

Zombie Balls Pinball Game

First up is a pinball simulator made by user Paxi. In his post he says it’s his first project with AppGameKit. We’re very impressed with how it plays, and the community have also sent Paxi lots of positive comments and suggestions. Take a look at the great video!

Among Us Vs Plants Vs Zombies

This project is a fan game by Zoff and it takes the main gameplay from Plants Vs Zombies and pits the plants against characters from the insanely popular Among Us multiplayer game that YouTubers have made super successful. Credit must be given to Zoff for how he’s made the game so slick and polished, it’s just a pity he cannot share it due to it using copyright graphics! Watch Zoff’s video on YouTube and post your views in the forums.

Custom Keyboards

If you want to add a different and unique keyboard to your game or app then look no further than Scraggle’s free to use keyboard source code and media. Take a look at the forum thread and download links.

Share your projects!

If you’ve made a game, app or source code library and want to share it with the community then please post it in the AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase board ?