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Category: Input / Output

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 7th Nov 2003 20:13

Modified: 1st Jan 1970 01:00

Author:  NE0


Ever wanted to know how you can let darkbasic find and store individual words in a given sentance? wel here is a way to do it.. handy when you`ve created a chat program and want to create a CHATBOT or something like that...

Full Description

Making a CHATBOT begins with finding specific words in a sentance... but how do you get these individual words out of that sentance??? well ... here it is.. I`m using this piece for my own program (a program wich allows you talk to me without me being there , not a chatbot but something like that)<br /> <br /> anyway... enjoy it and well if you have any comments post them on the forum (pm)


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