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Category: Graphics

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 11th Apr 2017 08:39

Modified: 12th Apr 2017 08:32

Author:  Webber


Creates a day night sky system.

Full Description

Uses the built in procedural AGK sky box system in order to create a day night sky cycle. In testing a procedural AGK sky box uses 4900 polygons, so if you are making a game that has indoor scenes it would be wise to toggle the sky box visibility off when it is out of view. For simplicity the day night cycle is circular in motion and the moon orbits on the opposite side of the sun. The moon does not have moon cycles, it is always a full moon, but it could be replaced with your own image. The clouds move on the UVs of a ellipsoid but do not change in density. The image used for the clouds could be replaced with your own in order to make denser or less dense of clouds. The sun and moon are also used for the environments directional lighting and change in color based on their positions. This sky system can add a lot to the visual aspect of your game and is mobile friendly.Controls:Moment: ASDW, Space, and CtrlSky time adjust: T, Shift+TExit: EscNote: Controls and screen orientation are designed for PC use (RawKeys and RawMouse) and will need to be adjusted for mobile game development.Runs in full screen 1080p


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