CodeBase - Detect 2D line intersections

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Category: Math / Physics

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 23rd Sep 2003 14:35

Modified: 23rd Jul 2004 15:53

Author:  IanM


Want to find out if your lines cross each other? Where they do or will cross? If they overlap? Then go no further :)

Full Description

There are 3 functions included here<br /> <br /> 1) FastLineIntersection<br /> Just checks whether two lines intersect (cross each other). It will return 1 if they do.<br /> <br /> 2) LineIntersection<br /> As well as checking for intersection, this function also checks for overlapping lines.<br /> <br /> 3) FullLineIntersection<br /> Checks two lines for many properties - Intersection or not, where they do or will intersect, whether they are parallel, colinear (in line with each other) or overlapping. All details are put into a global UDT to get all properties.<br /> <br /> These are all very fast functions and do not include any trig functions


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