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Category: Functions

Version: 1.13



Uploaded: 29th Dec 2003 21:51

Modified: 1st Jan 1970 01:00

Author:  JoelJ


makes a button at the given location

Full Description

call it like this:<br /> camz# = button(buttonx-16, buttony-32, 16, 16, 101, 102, camz#, 1, mousex(), mousey())<br /> <br /> (x, y, xsize, ysize, image_up, image_down, changing_var#, move, mousex, mousey)<br /> x and y are where you want it to be, x/ysize are how many pixles your image is, image_up is the standard picture for the button (unpressed), image_down is when you click on the button, changing_var# is the varable that changes when you click the button, move is how much the varable changes by, mousex and mousey are the mouse coordinants.<br /> <br /> it's very basic, but i find it very useful.


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