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Category: Text

Version: beta



Uploaded: 18th Sep 2003 05:09

Modified: 18th Sep 2003 05:11

Author:  =C=


Make long one-line text message to break down in smaller lines. Use this version of the code as an example of text parsing.

Full Description

PLEASE NOTE:<br /> This is version one of my multi-line text writer that follows a many-a-walked path of chopping long text to many lines.<br /> <br /> You pass the text string and the (x, y) position you wish for it to appear. It will appear chopped and formated up to the length specified as Limit.<br /> <br /> Use this code as an example of text parsing.<br /> <br /> If used as is with the simple demo it seems to work fine. But on a real 3D environment you need to do some serious tweaking and redesigning for it to work or you can wait for version 2 which is on it's way really soon.


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