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Category: File

Version: 2.0



Uploaded: 12th Oct 2003 17:49

Modified: 12th Oct 2003 18:08

Author:  John H


This will write the file number to the file "exist.txt" which is created in the same directory as your project file. It will write to the file if a a model, image, sprite etc. Already exists. This is useful if you want to avoid having to search your code for that "Object already exists" error. UPDATES: 2.0 - Now displays the OPEN slots.

Full Description

When you open the exist.txt file, you will see all the file types and numbers existing in your program in the following format<br /> <br /> Model: (model number)<br /> <br /> This process will repeat for all model numbers that exist. This is the same for any other file types. To add your check it is simple. Simply copy this code<br /> <br /> for n=1 to 100<br /> if sprite exist(n)<br /> write string 1,&quot;Sprite: &quot;+str$(n)<br /> endif<br /> next n<br /> <br /> And change the following<br /> <br /> n to another variable<br /> Sprite Exist() to whatever file type you wish to check for.<br /> <br /> Enjoy<br /> <br /> RPGamer


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