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Category: Matrix

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 7th Oct 2003 19:38

Modified: 7th Jan 2004 06:14

Author:  TKF15H


Makes and textures a matrix.(updated!)

Full Description

It'll open an image, and make a matrix according to it. Then it'll open another image split it up and use it as a texture for the whole matrix.<br /> <br /> how to use:<br /> m is how big you want the world to be. 1 is a normal size. 2 is two times. 3 do I really have to tell you?<br /> LVLHM3.bmp is the hightmap<br /> LVLTM3.bmp is the matrix's texture.<br /> (both can be downloaded from my page:<br /> <br /> by TKF15H


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