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Category: Basic 3D

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 14th Sep 2003 10:08

Modified: 14th Sep 2003 10:15

Author:  Dr OcCuLt


this lets you exporter x file from DBpro ( this do not do animation )

Full Description

this is a set of FUNCTION for makeing exporting .x file in DBpro<br /> you must have the media tool kit to run the any of the FUNCTION. you can get a copy from the codebase.<br /> <br /> saver_test: this start a demo where DB exports a cube as a X file<br /> <br /> saver_setup: this dim all the arryas thet VXV needs.IF THE DO NOT CALL THIS NO OF THE FUNCTION WILL WORK!<br /> <br /> saver_add(tag as Integer,skin as Integer,x as Float,y as Float,z as Float ): this add a object to the object buffer. where tag in the object number , sikn is the Material number and x y and z is the objects POSITION.<br /> <br /> FUNCTION Material_add(file as string,name as string ): this add a TEXTURE to the Material buffer where file is the file name of the texture and name is the of the Material (Material must have it own name thay can not be number ie.&quot;1&quot; but numbers can be uesed &quot;TEXTURE1&quot; ) the Material you enetr 1st is Material number=0 for the 2nd is Material number=1 and so on.<br /> <br /> saver_SAVE(NAME AS STRING ): this will save all the objects in the object buffer to the file NAME if the file name exits it will be copyed over.


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