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Category: Basic 2D

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 24th Oct 2011 20:02

Modified: 24th Oct 2011 20:03

Author:  Tanjo Galbi


Upgraded more flexible version of MaPo's functions

Full Description

Upgraded more flexible version of MaPo's functions to draw Atari style numbers. This is just 1 function that does all the numbers 0 to 9. It provides more control by allowing the programmer to give the width and height of the digit.<br /> <br /> Of course there is no error checking, it should check to make sure the number is valid in the range 0 to 9.<br /> <br /> If wanted, I could easilly create a version that would display all the digits for a large number (multiple digits), like a score display where you just provide the score, where you want it placed and the size. It's retro and retro style games are on an increase again ;)


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