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Category: Sprite

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 15th Nov 2003 14:30

Modified: 15th Nov 2003 15:39

Author:  Easily Confused


A Simple Survival Game. How long can you survive?

Full Description

I made this ages ago, not long after I got DBPro in fact, I was experimenting with sprites at the time when I came up with this. Even though I've made a couple of updates I was in two minds whether or not to post this in the CodeBase, but here it is anyway :)<br /> <br /> It's a silly little game really, the idea is simple though, prevent the red circle in the middle from being hit by the small white circles by deflecting them with the yellow circle (mouse controled).<br /> <br /> You start off with an allowed number of hits, but when they reach zero the game is over, also there are 5 levels (1 fast - 5 slow).<br /> <br /> It's a question of how long you can survive.


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