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Category: 2D Effects

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 6th Oct 2003 10:15

Modified: 6th Oct 2003 12:35

Author:  y!Ck


I just made something for my cousin and thought jou would like to see how you can just make something with alphabetical keys it's actually kinda stupid but i thought i would just put it online here

Full Description

Alright once you push in a alphabetical key you it will draw a little art piece out of 2d pictures without any sprite's or anything it will build it outoff nothing just 2d commands and 2 3d commands specially without a backdrop to make it look good.<br /> <br /> Every key produce's a 2d graphical piece that does'nt look great but i will fix that shortly. like i will give it a very high resolution like something to make it look pretty<br /> well i hope this helps newby's cuz i don't think it will help some already experienced programmers


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