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Category: Complete Applications

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 16th Nov 2013 05:28

Modified: 31st Dec 2013 08:47

Author:  Brux


This is a variation theme pushing blocks game. A simple idea a great game! Load a music that you like (.midi)

Full Description

This is a variation theme pushing blocks game.<br /> A simple idea a great game!<br /> Use arrow key to move the blocks.<br /> <br /> You to move a set number of blocks around a pre-defined area.<br /> You ultimate aim is to push them out of the area at the bottom.<br /> <br /> But if you think it sounds easy then you had be very wrong,<br /> This is a real thinking game!<br /> <br /> You can push the block only. You aren't allowed pull it.<br /> So once you have pushed a block into a position where you can no<br /> longer push it, you are stuffed and have to re-start.<br /> <br /> No time limit.<br />


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