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Category: File

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 24th Nov 2012 09:50

Modified: 24th Nov 2012 13:39

Author:  nonZero


[PART 2 OF 2] This demonstrates the concepts of Part 1 in action.

Full Description

This code requires you to place a valid filename and path in the variable called "myFile$".<br /> <br /> Read the comments! If you're new to this, your should read through Part 1 although I've provided some info in the comment to try and aid understanding.<br /> <br /> In this version we focus on a practical implementation of concepts from Past 1. We'll be performing more speed-critical operations as well but we'll still be doing byte-by-byte operations.<br /> <br /> In case you don't read the comments, your original file is unharmed. An encrypted copy and a decrypted copy will be left behind in the same folder as the original for your scrutiny.


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