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Category: Miscellaneous

Version: 0.1



Uploaded: 16th Dec 2003 19:08

Modified: 1st Jan 1970 01:00

Author:  Jaze


Someone (for whatever reason) really wanted a fast file copy routine. Here it is. It uses a decent size buffer and runs with it. Very fast... great for big media files.

Full Description

CAUTION: All file handling routines SHOULD be TESTED AFTER you back up ALL your DATA! I am not responsible...use at own risk... (It does work for me no prob!)<br /> <br /> The directions are in the zip in the DBA source Code... open the project and read it, run it ;)<br /> <br /> If this release was redundandt redundandt somehow... someone asked me for it - I cranked it out for em ;)<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> (I supplied empty text file called sourcefile.txt so it will run successful as soon as you unzip it and click the EXE file)<br /> <br /> This function was designed to NOT fail UNLESS OS specifically complains... in otherwords? It doesn;t check if destination file exists or not... well it does..but it just deletes it with no questions asked! If the SOURCE file DOES not EXIST - Doesn't CARE... internally it skips the code and returns &quot;succesful&quot; - if the file is LOCKED or something...harddrive messes up, network drive fails.. THEN it will cry by returning a NON-ZERO result - the source code has a list of what each possible error return value can be... helpful for the one time when you have it copying same file twice and one instance chokes.<br /> <br /> So, until you trust it - look before and after to make sure it did its thing.... dont blink... you'll miss it. Its fast...and if someone needs it even faster I can do so by changing the buffer size to even bigger (its 8k block read method self truncing EOF... Works great.<br /> <br /> Anyway - enjoy. If anyone wants to mirror anything I have... the errorlogger thing, the demos...feel free. I'm trying to beable to give more than SOURCE SNIP alone could deliver :)<br /> <br /> Enjoy.


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