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Category: Core

Version: 1.25



Uploaded: 28th Feb 2015 13:41

Modified: 1st Mar 2015 16:12

Author:  Anonymous Coder


description of the general syntax of programming

Full Description

the then command use is discontinued as sine occurrence is unstoppable with any end or function . Boolean can be used alone in a command line only in if command or rem in cec<br /> all programs have to apply to or work pass any type of occurance of any type related to program Boolean tot any incureance. <br /> <br /> oboolean is illegal to use ex no ox-oy=WINDOW EXIST(1<z1) or ox-oy*R=windows or any form of Boolean of that type<br /> no person can be fined for any programming of any compiler if syntax is not law bidding<br />


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