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Category: Core

Version: 1.0



Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2004 18:32

Modified: 1st Jan 1970 01:00

Author:  IanM


Provides up to 64 'alarm' timers (they go off when you specify)

Full Description

Allows up to 64 alarm timers (simple code change to increase this)<br /> <br /> Use CreateAlarm() to create a new alarm (you can set the alarm to repeat too)<br /> Use Alarm() to test the status of the alarm. This function will return a 1 when the alarm has gone off<br /> Use DeleteAlarm() to deactivate an alarm. A non-respawning alarm automatically deletes itself when it has gone off.<br /> <br /> This code will print Hello once per second<br /> <br /> sync on<br /> sync rate 0<br /> <br /> CreateAlarm(1, 1000, 1)<br /> <br /> do<br /> if Alarm(1) then print &quot;Hello&quot;<br /> sync<br /> loop<br />


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