Animated Sprite Pack
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Sprite Pack

This is a comprehensive and fully animated sprite/decal pack for use in DarkBASIC Professional and FPS Creator. The front cover image of newsletter issue 40 demonstrates some of the new animations running in an FPS Creator level.

This animated sprite pack consists of 60 professional quality animated billboard sprites designed to enhance the realism of your games. Animations include effects such as energy, fire, smoke, water impact and surface effects. The Billboard effects are 1024 x 1024 pixels in size, containing 16 frames of 256 x 256 pixels.

Also included are 40 static sprites for use as sprites in particle systems or game FX, ranging in size from 128 to 256 pixels.

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Video Download

Sprite Pack

You can download a short video which shows the animations in action within an FPS Creator level. The video is just over 5MB in size and available in DivX AVI and QuickTime MOV formats.

(Please note: The animations to the left do not display all frames or colours)

Two packs are available now. The DarkBASIC Professional pack contains all the animated sprites in PNG, JPG, and AVI formats, and the static sprites as TGA images.

The FPS Creator pack automatically installs 60 animated decals into FPS Creator, ready for immediate use in your games. New emitter models for more accurate positioning and four new sounds are also included. Please note that the FPSC version doesn't include the 40 static sprites. When you buy the Sprite Pack you get downloads for BOTH versions (DBPro and FPSC)

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Animated Sprite Pack

Animated decals for use in your FPS Creator or Dark Basic games.

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