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Welcome to The Game Creators - game making for EVERYONE!

Our easy to use game making tools do all the complex scientific stuff, leaving you to create, play and share.

If you just want to click together a game then we've got a tool for that. If you want to hand code your own game, we have solutions for that too.

We have been in business for over fourteen years and have a creative and thriving community who can help all new comers to the wonderful world of game creation.


You must check out our latest and best game creator GameGuru. It allows anyone to make their own games. We've packed an amazing amount of new technology into GameGuru and we continue to evolve it.

App Game Kit - code your own apps!

Another great tool is App Game Kit. With this you can code in BASIC or C++ to create your own games for mobile devices. Imagine coding a game and then seeing it on your Android or iOS device. Well with AGK you can do this. Visit the site for more info and check out the free trial version.

So if you want to make a game then we will have something for you in our range.

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FPS Creator is ideal for non-coders who want to make awesome FPS games.

The world needs coders! Dark Game Studio packs a punch with lots of coding power and all for a great low price

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