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Royalty free game media when you need it!

You've been up all night developing your new mega game and you need to add an end of level boss and an atmospheric music ending. Problem is your art contact isn't online and you have no music guy to help. Fear not, just log in to the Game Creator Store and search through the thousands of game ready media assets. In seconds you'll have downloaded the media you need and be able to complete your masterpiece.

Professional artists have teamed up with The Game Creators to provide a massive online game media database.

All you need to do to access the store is;

  • Download the Game Creator Store application
  • Register a Game Creator Store account

You can then start downloading all the FREE assets.

For a detailed guide to the store view this video:

Support for your development environment

The Game Creator Store currently works best for users of FPS Creator, DarkBASIC, DarkBASIC Professional and Dark GDK.

We aim to release a version to support XNA, Unity and Unreal Engine. Announcements will be made in the online forums and the Newlsetter.

Terms and conditions

Make sure you agree to our terms and conditions before using the store.

WANTED - Publishers

Are you a great modeler, but don't have the time to create an entire model pack? Do you have some great models sitting on your hard drive collecting dust? Have you ever wanted to turn your modeling hobby into a source of income but did not know how to sell them? Or maybe you already sell your models via other online channels? Contact us and we'll send you details on how you can publish into the store.

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