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3D World Studio

The Map Editor of Choice

3D World Studio offers a feature set just as powerful as UnrealEd, yet is friendly enough for beginners to use. New users can often start building in the program without reading a manual.

3D World Studio is the map editor of choice for use with DarkBASIC Professional, Torque Game Engine, Blitz3D, and other 3D engines. The program is ideal for game environments, 3D presentations and commercial applications.

3D World Studio Interface

Build Worlds With 3D World Studio

3D World Studio was designed with the philosophy that ease-of-use and power are not antagonistic. No other modeler automates processes like UV mapping and light calculation, yet still allows low-level access to all elements of a scene. This is a tool designed for the mass production of media, using the fewest number of mouseclicks possible to generate the high-quality results you need.

Powerful New Features

Terrain. Referenced map meshes. The new features in version 5 will take your environment design to new levels of professionalism. 3D World Studio features lightmapping, constructive solid geometry, vertex manipulation, translucent and masked shadow effects, and an improved entity system. New tools include slice, extrude face, and arch primitives.

A Growing Library of Resources

We've made our collection of high-quality meshes and textures available to users who order the 3D World Studio Builder Edition. Our meshes are designed as modular building blocks, and come with static shadow maps. Take advantage of our professionally produced media to get the most out of 3D World Studio.

Be sure to check out the free demo download, the screen shots or the online videos. You can of course order safely and securely online, for delivery via download.

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3D World Studio

3D World Studio is ideal for creating your game 3D worlds.

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Export direct to DBPro
Fast results, easy interface
Powerful new lightmapping tools
Built-in Terrain generation