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Product Information

The price of Plant Life has been reduced from $49.95 to $19.99.

Designed for low polygon environments, such as fast 3D games, Plant Life delivers a unique approach to creating photo-realistic foliage for use in real-time 3D environments. Without sacrificing quality, Plant Life creates vivid, colourful and realistic media at the lowest poly-count possible, all from a friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Key Features

  • Design hundreds of types of plant and foliage meshes
  • 10 pre-installed modules: Flowers, twigs, ferns, mushrooms, bushes, tropical, lily pads, weeds, grasses and rocks
  • All models exported to a single surface using a single texture
  • Easy to use interface and tooltips on every option
  • 3D Interface system provides fast performance
  • Exported mesh is optimized for low poly count 3D needs
  • Photo-realistic textures of the highest quality
  • PNG alpha channels and masking channels included
  • Billboard exporting options included
  • Royalty free license for commercial or shareware usage

Free Booster Media Pack

The 'Booster Media Pack' is a large collection of additional media for Plant Life. It includes new plant types, mushrooms textures, barks, flowers, leaves and much more. Originally on sale for $20 we are now giving you the Booster Pack free of charge when you buy Plant Life, so you'll now have even more options than ever before.

Ease of Use

Plant Life was built with one goal in mind - to create an application that was easy to use, but that maintained the level of detail required to produce high quality 3D mesh media.

Ease of Use

You'll find sliders, gadgets, buttons and input boxes. These simple to navigate gadgets allow unique creation to the plant media.


Not only can you export fully textured 3D media but you can also choose to export simple 2-poly billboard meshes to act as distance LOD objects within your games.


A huge collection of building materials ensures the designer has plenty of unique building opportunities. Each creation module contains its own media, and is packed full of rich photo-realistic textures. You may also choose to add your own!

Export Options

We know one of the most important aspects with 3D applications are the export options. We have provided a full-range of exporting options that will help get the media you create from within Plant Life into your games. Supported formats include: .X (Microsoft DirectX), .OBJ (Wavefront), .SMD (Half-Life), .TXT (Milkshape), .ASC (3D Max), .DBO (DarkBASIC Professional), .B3D (Blitz3D), .RAW (Standard RaW), .CSM (Cartography Shop 4) and .WRL (VRML 1.0 / 2.0)


Don't forget to check out the Plant Life Creation Modules.

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Plant Life

Plant Life delivers a unique approach to creating photo-realistic foliage for use in real-time 3D environments.

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