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Dark Shader


Visually create, tweak and export dynamic shader effects directly to your DarkBASIC Professional and Dark GDK games

Dark Shader allows you to select a shader from a collection that are provided with the application, or one of your own, and to modify any variables it contains without having to open the shader's source code. The shader variables can be modified using sliders, color pickers, or text entry depending on the variable's type. Changes can then be exported along with any model and textures you have selected to be used in DarkBASIC Professional and Dark GDK.

Dark Shader

Object Library

Divided into model, shader, and texture libraries which allow you to quickly browse the items contained in the data folder that comes with Dark Shader that you wish to use in your creations. You can also browse your computer for your own models, shaders, or textures you want to use. These are added to an object bar on the left of the interface that allows you easy access to the items you are currently working with.

Full Screen Shaders

Along with shaders to modify the look of models, Dark Shader allows you to create shaders that affect the entire scene. Such effects might be to blur, sharpen, or add add bloom to the scene. You can also dramatically change how the application looks by, for example, removing everything except the edges between color changes.

Shaders that come with Dark Shader

BlendBlends two textures
BloomBrightens the whole scene
BlurBlurs the whole scene
CartoonCartoon full screen effect
Colour highlightsFullscreen shader that lights only chosen colours
Colour GlassSemi-transparent glass effect
Constant LightingLighting effect
DepthColours object based on distance from camera
Depth of FieldFullscreen depth of field effect
Detail MappingAdds a special detail map to a model
DistortDistorts two texures on a model
Edge DetectionPencil effect for the whole screen
ExpandModels vertices are expanded
GreyscaleGreys the whole scene
HaloGives a model a surrounding halo effect
Heat HazeGreat for simulating refracted air near a fire
Hemispherical LightingApplies light in a special way
Hue Sat LightingAffects the hue and saturation levels of the scene
Negativeinverts the scene
Normal MappingMakes models look more detailed via normal maps
Per Pixel LightingCreates per pixel specular lighting
RainbowCreates an effect like a heat detector camera
Reflection MappingReflects the environment onto the model
ReliefCreates the illusion of depth in a surface
Scrolling TexturesTextures scroll over the models surface
Water Colours Special water colour effect on the whole scene

Source Editing

If you are familiar with HLSL (High Level Shader Language), or want to have a go, you can view and edit the source code to any effect in Dark Shader using a syntax highlighted editor. This allows you to edit and compile the shader and to check for any errors that may exist in the code. Changes can be seen in the preview window when you compile the shader, if the shader you are editing is the one currently selected in the open project. Any errors will be highlighted in the editor and explained with a line of text in the preview window so that you can easily correct it.

Preview Window

Provides a real-time preview of the shader you are creating on the current model using the textures you have selected. This allows you to quickly see the effect of your changes and to see what the resulting shader will look like in DarkBASIC Professional and Dark GDK. It also displays the effect of full screen shaders so you can see what the result of the combined model shader and full screen shader effects look like.

Customizable Interface

You can move and resize the preview window to get a position and size that suits you and the scene you are creating. It can be detached from the main interface and positioned independently or it can be made a separate tab to fill most of the space for maximum viewing size.


Some shaders make use of lights in their effect and require you to define the position, color, and range of such lights. Dark Shader provides a window where you can specify these details for up to eight lights and an ambient light color. Dark Shader includes some shaders that use lights to demonstrate how this works.

Project Files

You can save your current work in a project file that includes the model, shaders, and textures you have selected, along with any lights currently active and all the items from the object bar to easily share your creations with other users of Dark Shader. Any custom media can also be bundled into the project file so that you do not have to worry about missing files.

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Dark Shader

Visually create, tweak and export dynamic shader effects directly to your DarkBASIC Professional games.

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Price: $39.99 €37.99 £25.99 Click here to buy

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