Dark Video
Dark Video

Dark Video is a complete movie encoder and decoder solution, targeted at anyone interested in adding hyper speed movie playback into their game. Built from the ground up to focus on extreme speed and quality, Dark Video opens the gateway for ultra high quality movies but with a very low impact to your game. Designed for ease of use and ease of integration, Dark Video makes adding movie functionality to your game a cinch.

Dark Video is available for DarkBASIC Professional and Dark GDK.

Dark Video
  • Speed. Dark Video is seriously fast. Both the encoder and decoder feature whole portions of code written in hand optimized MMX, SSE and SSE2 assembler.
  • Video quality. Dark Video is designed from the ground up so that quality is of paramount importance. Using Deep Cove Software's proprietary video compression on high or highest, your encoded movies are pretty much indistinguishable from the original source material, looking fantastic.
  • Audio quality. Dark Video leverages the amazing Ogg Vorbis audio compression to offer sound quality almost indistinguishable from the origrinal source material and thus, sounding phenomenal.
  • Stand-alone Encoder. Dark Video not only comprises the decoder but also, an Encoder program, dedicated to getting your movies into the Dark Video format as quickly as possible. Built on top of DirectShow, Dark Video Encoder, with critical parts also hand optimized in assembler, can quickly transcode your AVI (for non-standard formats like x264, the correct filters must be installed; we recommend uncompressed AVIs for maximum encoding speed) into a Dark Video DVF movie, for use in your game. With a responsive preview, you'll be able to see how the transcode is progressing.
  • Stand-alone DLL. All of Dark Video's substantial capability is packed into a single, tiny 300kb DLL. You don't need anything else! You don't need to worry about any required runtimes, libraries or CODECs. With Dark Video, you just ship with its DLL and that's that!
  • Dark Video comes with full documentation and samples so you'll quickly be able to get up and running, whether you use DarkBASIC Professional or Dark GDK.
  • Unencumbered. As Dark Video is a technology owned by Deep Cove Software, you don't have to worry about license, patent or royalty issues. Just encode and ship!
  • Multi-core. Dark Video runs on multiple cores to ensure fastest encoding and decoding.
Dark Video

DarkBASIC Professional or Dark GDK is required to use this product. It runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (x86 and x64 variants)

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Dark Video

Dark Video is a complete movie encoder and decoder solution, targeted at anyone interested in adding hyper speed movie playback into their game.

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Dark Video is distributed electronically.
You must download this product. Download instructions are sent after purchase.

Sample Code

The following code demonstrates how easy it is to utilise Dark Video in DarkBASIC Professional.

rem Dark Video DarkBASIC Professional sample
rem Based on the 3DVideo sample by The Game Creators
rem Dark Video (C) 2008-2009, Deep Cove Software, Ltd.

rem init
sync on : sync rate 30 : hide mouse

rem switch display mode if available
if check display mode(1024,768,32)=1 then set display mode 1024,768,32

rem set default screen
color backdrop rgb(0,32,32)

rem open our Dark Video movie and get the dimensions
movieId = darkvideo open movie( "sample.dvf" )
movieWidth = darkvideo get movie width( movieId )
movieHeight = darkvideo get movie height( movieId )

rem set the movie volume (between 0-255), no effect of course if there's
rem no audio in the movie.
result = darkvideo set movie volume( movieId, 255 )

rem arbitrary ids we'll use
memBlockId = 32
imageId = 32

rem create a blank 32-bit image of the same dimensions as the Dark Video
rem movie. Dark Video will decode each frame to this image.
make memblock memBlockId, movieWidth * movieHeight * 4 + 12
write memblock dword memBlockId, 0, movieWidth
write memblock dword memBlockId, 4, movieHeight
write memblock dword memBlockId, 8, 32
make image from memblock imageId, memBlockId
delete memblock memBlockId

rem create 3D projection
for p=1 to 3
 make object box p,320,240,10
 scale object p,p*250,p*250,p*250
 if p>1 then ghost object on p,2
 texture object p,imageId
next p
set object light 1,0

rem setup camera
position camera 0,0,-700
rotate camera 0,0,0

rem main loop
disable escapekey
while mouseclick()=0 and escapekey()=0

 rem begin movie playback
 if begin=1
 result = darkvideo play movie( movieId, imageId, 1, 0 )

 rem move projection around
 for p=1 to 3
 position object p,cos(a#)*20,sin(a#)*10,p*75
 yrotate object p,cos(a#)*20
 zrotate object p,(p-1)*10
 next p

 rem update screen

rem end loop

rem stop and close the Dark Video movie. this isn't required
rem but it's good practice. all movies will be stopped
rem and closed at the end of the program automatically.
result = darkvideo stop movie( movieId )
result = darkvideo close movie( movieId )

Download Trial
Dark Video Trial
Download Download: Dark Video Trial
  File Size: 12.70 MB
56Kb: 36 Mins 6 Secs 512Kb: 3 Mins 56 Secs
1MB: 1 Mins 58 Secs 2Mb: 1 Mins 1 Secs
  Updated: 12th Jan 2010
  Description: The trial version of Dark Video is a time limited version. It contains all of the functionality, demos and documentation.
  Downloads: 3967