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Increase the Power of DarkBASIC Professional

Due to the way DarkBASIC Professional was designed it is easy for skilled developers to create new commands and features you can use in your own games. Here we present commercial expansion packs that give DarkBASIC Professional hundreds of additional commands to play with.

New releases

Dark Dynamix

Dark Dynamix is the ultimate physics/collision solution for all your games/apps you write with DBPro and DarkGDK. Bring your games to life with realistic dynamics, just playing with the different features will fill your head with game ideas.
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Dark Resource

Dark Resource is a resource management system designed to work as an alternative to DarkBASIC Professional's default system.
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Dark Occlusion

Dark Occlusion is a real-time occlusion culling library for DarkBASIC Professional. It will exclude objects that are not visible for the camera because they are obscured by other objects. This way, less polygons have to be rendered and your game will run at a much faster speed. There is no need to pre-calculate anything, everything is setup and calculated in real-time.
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Dark Imposters

Dark Imposters provides a mechanism whereby a vast amount of objects can be drawn on screen while keeping the frame rate high.
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Blitzwerks Terrain

Blitzwerks Terrain is a plugin for DarkBASIC Professional which allows you to load and render high detail terrains at very high speed. Blitzwerks Terrain features level of detail terrain rendering along with its own rendering engine to provide super fast terrain rendering.
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Physics and AI

Dark Physics

Add Dark Physics to DarkBASIC Professional / Dark GDK and you can harness the awesome capabilities of the NVIDIA PhysX™ engine directly. Add features into your game such as realistic cloth that tears and rips when shot - particle systems for smoke and fog, where each particle can collide with any other object in your scene - fully driveable vehicles, with proper physics handling - hardware accelerated liquids - and much more.
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Dark A.I.

One of the most requested features for DarkBASIC Professional, along with physics was A.I. (artificial intelligence) commands. Commands that would help with pathfinding, and adding intelligent behaviour into your games, making opponents and allies smarter. To this end we're pleased to present to you the Dark A.I. extension.
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Box2D for DarkBASIC Professional lets you realistically simulate complex 2D environments, opening up a whole range of possibilities for both 2D and 3D games alike. Box2D can be used whenever the movement is limited to two dimensions, regardless of whether you use 2D sprites or 3D objects to render your scene.
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DarkCLOUDS creates a live, real-time sky for your DarkBASIC Professional games. It renders physically-calculated skies and clouds that move, grow and change, from a clear sunny day to turbulent storms, and spectacular sunsets - all of these can be seen in the space of a few minutes as you take full control of your game's weather.
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Dark Shader

Dark Shader allows you to select a shader from a collection that are provided with the application, or one of your own, and to modify any variables it contains without having to open the shader's source code. The shader variables can be modified using sliders, color pickers, or text entry depending on the variable's type. Changes can then be exported along with any model and textures you have selected to be used in DarkBASIC Professional.
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Dark Lights

Dark Lights adds a suite of light mapping commands and features to DarkBASIC Professional, and also includes a versatile lightmapping tool with full source code.
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Tree Party

Tree Party is a Dark Basic Pro / Dark GDK library application that allows the developer to include highly detailed, realistically animated 3D mesh trees into their Dark Basic Pro / Dark GDK applications with little effort. This system was designed to closely match the native functions of Dark Basic Pro / Dark GDK - so adapting the library to your projects is a snap! This is a complete re-write from the ground up to allow for the more advanced features of Dark Basic Pro / Dark GDK, including shaders and mesh deformation. A lot of additional time has been spent with this release to ensure the end-developer the most realistic yet practical tree system possible. We are confident you will appreciate the extra effort put into this product.
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Enhanced Animations

Take control of your objects! With over 70 commands, Enhanced Animation offers many features that will help bring your 3D models to life.
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2D Plugin Kit

2DPluginKIT is a DarkBASIC Professional plug-in dedicated to 2D games development. The primary objective is to simplify development, providing a comprehensive command set to create tiles, layers and special 2D effects.
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Texture Max

TextureMax is a tool for easily adding great customisation to the media of your DarkBASIC Professional project. Using the TextureMax application you can separate your images into channels. You can then apply different colours to each channel adding instant variation to your media.
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DarkNet is a multiplayer plugin specifically designed for use in game development. It uses both UDP and TCP protocol making it suitable for virtually any type of online game ranging from fast paced first person shooters to large scale massively multiplayer online games. It is very easy to use and well documented with several code examples. DarkNet is compatible with Dark Basic Professional, C++ and .NET compatible languages (e.g. C#, VB.NET).
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Dark Video

Dark Video is a complete movie encoder and decoder solution, targeted at anyone interested in adding hyper speed movie playback into their game. Built from the ground up to focus on extreme speed and quality, Dark Video opens the gateway for ultra high quality movies but with a very low impact to your game. Designed for ease of use and ease of integration, Dark Video makes adding movie functionality to your game a cinch.
Click here for details


Dark Data

Dark Data is a library that gives you the ability to create a database with keyed filing systems, and resuable direct access records. With Dark Data you can create invoicing systems, planetary systems for your space games, character data storage in RPG games, in fact whatever your imagination brings that requires fast record seeking and database storage.
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Dark Source

Dark Source is a collection of nearly two hundred source code snippets that cover everything from simple math problems to advanced shader techniques. You can use the browser that accompanies this product to search through the snippets quickly and easily, and even search for keywords within any snippet to find what you are after immediately. Also, as Dark Basic Pro updates are released, more snippets will be placed in the ProjectsSnippets folder to demonstrate any new commands and features introduced.
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PureGDK is a 3D game and application developer’s dream come true -- it streamlines the entire process of incorporating powerful DirectX 9 capabilities into your software. Create and update your software faster, with more time to focus on fun. With PureGDK you can get instant results with human-readable code without the difficulty imposed by other languages and hard-to-program graphics APIs. Build the software you want now!
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Dark Ink

Dark Ink is a print library for Dark Basic Professional. Now you can harness the power of Dark Basic Professional and Dark Ink together to create powerful 3D applications with printing capabilities.
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STYX is a plug-in for DarkBASIC Professional. It contains over 200 commands allowing you to integrate your DarkBASIC Professional game and applications with common Microsoft technologies - .NET, ActiveX and COM. Not only this but it also provides for extra handling of Strings, Number operations, Windows (and Window shaping), Splash screens, MIDI support, XML support, Direct Memory Access, integration of Flash movies, INI file handling and Intervals (code running on interrupts).
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This pack extends the core features of DarkBASIC Professional, and expands it in a variety of new areas.
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The Unity scripting pack takes your DarkBASIC Professional games to the next level. Unity marries the commercially used Lua scripting language with DarkBASIC Professional.
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EZ Rotate

EZrotate Enhanced provides an easy to use, yet powerful command set that helps to eliminate the complicated mathematics from your projects. Finally, you can make your objects do what you want with simple commands instead of complicated math routines. Installing EZrotate into DarkBASIC Professional will give you an extra 45 commands to use.
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Enhancement Pack

The Enhancements Expansion Pack is a product for existing DarkBASIC Professional owners. It extends the power of DarkBASIC Professional by providing 12 sets of commands allowing access to many new features.
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Nuclear Glory

The NG Collision DLL Version 3 for DarkBASIC Professional is a comprehensive suite of commands that will allow you to perform the most complex collision possible directly within your games. No matter how fast your players (or bullets!) are moving, collision will be accurately calculated every time. How about performing sliding collision around a large complex 3D object? Easy. Or having the player collide with a moving platform such as a lift? Again - the NG DLL will do this all for you and The Game Creators are proud to bring you Version 3 of this popular plugin.
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Pure Plugin

PurePLUGIN is a development kit that allows you to create DarkBASIC Professional DLLs using Pure Basic. It is a comprehensive framework allowing you to build your DLL within Pure Basic, and then use it natively in DarkBASIC Professional. It also opens up access to DarkBASIC Professional itself, allowing you access to nearly 95% of all native DarkBASIC Professional commands from within Pure Basic.
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