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As this is my second month as TheGameCreators newsletter editor, I'd like to share a unexpected bonus of the role which came as a very pleasant surprise to me.

I have over the last year or so become very wrapped up in either supporting TheGameCreators various developments and if I find time between that and spending time with my family, attempting to complete (or even start) developments of my own. During this time, I've lost track of what amazing work the community does on it's own projects and this role has thankfully allowed me the luxury of being able to take more notice of what you are all up to and I'm a better person for it. I have of course been aware and slightly envious of the incredible talent across all of TheGameCreators forums but the last couple of months have really impressed me time and time again.

One of the things that really stands out for me, especially with the AppGameKit users is the number of projects that start as work in progress and develop into fully rounded and often commercial products.

Of course, that's not to forget GameGuru, I'm seeing more and more fun and well designed levels being created, with many users now starting to link levels to make larger games, and bravely for some of our less experienced users delving into LUA scripting, often for the very first time to push forward their developments into new and more exciting realms.

Congratulations to all of you, and I shall look forward to watching all of your projects evolve.

Anyway, enough from me, let's see what has been happening in the last month and what we've all got to look forward to.


Dave Hawkins


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GameGuru level design competition winners

The 4th GameGuru level design competition has drawn to a close and this was our most exciting and well subscribed of them all to date. As always, this was a difficult event to judge as we receive a lot of high quality entries. In the end, the team whittled the entries down to five winners. All winners receive $200 cash and 5,000 GameGuru Store points.

Although there is no direct prizes for positions, we felt that the winning entries should be in the following order.

FIRST Prize!- Construction Destruction – By Susysyay


We loved this level for its great design and well thought out entity placement, it plays really well when there are 4 or more players running around this construction site themed level. A good solid design and it was clear a lot of care and attention went into it’s design.

2nd – Bridge Over Troubled Water – By Wizard of id

An exciting level of criss crossing bridges and tunnels with a central pool area that can be walked through.


3rd – Limbo – By Slaur3n

A very clever and sureal level, featuring floating platforms and narrow slopes. The style of this game is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It was enjoyed by many of the development team.


4th – Firing Range – By Kravenwolf

This tightly packed level leads to some very exciting and fast paced gameplay. A clever use of box crates makes for a very different atmosphere. We had a lot of fun and laughed lots as RPGs took down many poor guys in and among the tight corners.


5th – Hide & Seek – By E30Legend

Our final choice uses the players flashlight to great effect which accompanied with some good use of spooky sound effects makes this level very atmospheric.


Congratulations to everyone and many thanks to you all for entering, you’ve given us all a lot of fun as well as helping to develop GameGuru. The winning levels are now available as part of the latest release on Steam.

Looking for multiplayer friends?

Do you love multiplayer games, but are finding that you can’t get enough of it? This new Steam group set up by GameGuru user Kravenwolf is here to help.

You can find all the details here about the currently hosted times, or you can set up your own games and arrange times to meet up with other players for some multiplayer fun.

Don’t forget that the Development team are also around at various times, so you might even find yourself taking us on at our own game and even get a chance to chat.

From the GameGuru galleries

As you know, we are always keeping an eye out for amazing screenshots and artwork created with GameGuru and we are never disappointed with the high quality of work that users are producing. Let's have a look at just a few that drew out attention this month.

 project ICE-Cude by vrg.jpg

Project ICE-Cude by vrg

The station by Stefos.jpg

The Station by Stefos

Omar by Ivan Ertlov.jpg

Omar by Ivan Ertlov

What's new in GameGuru


The world of GameGuru has continued to grow and we've paid careful attention to the wants and needs of the GameGuru community and as a result we have made a further 10 updates since last month.

Before we list the full updates from March, Rick Vanner has a few words to say about a very exciting new feature introduced last week.






So, what else is new?

GameGuru V1.00.015

GameGuru V1.00.016

GameGuru V1.00.017

GameGuru V1.00.018

GameGuru V1.00.019

GameGuru V1.00.020


GameGuru V1.00.021

Editing Controls
Test Level - F9 3D Edit Mode
LUA Scripting

GameGuru V1.00.022

F9 Edit Mode

GameGuru V1.00.023

We have listened to you feedback and added lots of new exciting features which we're sure you'll enjoy, including;

With the introduction of free flight mode we have had to change the way some controls work. The main one is the use of right mouse button to push terrain down, this is now operated with left mouse button and the SHIFT key. Press F1 in the main editor to view all the quick key information.

New Editor Free Flight mode!


Entity Widget


Now you can add story zones to play videos at key points during single player games.



Rendering Engine
Test Level F9 Mode


Multiplayer Maps

In this new build you'll find the winning multiplayer maps from the recent map making competition. We had a blast playing them and encourage you to try them out. If you need to link up with players then please join the GameGuru Multiplayer Steam Group here;


LIMBO, one of the new multiplayer maps in this build.


GameGuru Store

Build your game worlds faster with the help of game ready assets from the GameGuru online store. Discover, buy and sell game-ready assets. Did you know the new GameGuru Store is already loaded with over 3,600 items and growing rapidly? That the store media covers genres from medieval through to far future? That the store has many free items as well as high quality media at great value prices?

Here's just a small example of some of what's available.


This small, great value structure pack from Valuable Assets contains some amazing models for use in any genre from modern day onward.


TheGameCreators own Desert Pack contains some excellent media for games set in the desert or on vast plains. We've already seen this media used in medieval, modern day warfare and post apocalyptic games and we're sure our talented users could put the media to other great uses.


Another pack that's been popular on the store for awhile is this excellent M113 APC vehicle pack by Nomis3D. Great value and it contains 6 APC variations.

Want to become a store artist?

The Game Creator Store connects creative artists and musicians with enthusiastic GameGuru game developers. Can you create game ready 3D models or themed atmospheric music for the GameGuru community?

Artist’s benefits

How do I sell my assets?

It’s easy to become a seller on the store;

  1. Sign up to become a store seller. Click here to be redirected to the seller’s sign up.
  2. Follow the easy to use guides on how to prepare your assets
  3. Upload your assets for approval
  4. Once approved, TheGameCreators will publish your assets live onto the store


Lee's GameGuru Development blog


As always, Lee has been keeping a more or less daily blog to keep all users informed on the latest developments, thoughts and processes of GameGuru's development.

You can keep up with them all here, but for those with limited time, this is what he's had to say recently.

Lee has spent most of last month focusing on addressing issues raised by the GameGuru community both on the GameGuru forums and on Steam. 

March 9th 2015

March 10th 2015

March 17th 2015

March 18th 2015

March 19th 2015

March 20th 2015

March 25th 2015


AppGameKit 2 news


We're very pleased to annouce a new offer on AppGameKit. For the next two weeks you can grab yourself a copy at a 40% discount on AppGameKit and all of the multi-pack deals.

 Click below to take advantage of this great deal.



AppGameKit Debugger Released!

AppGameKit V2.0.12

Last week we rolled out version 2.0.12 of AppGameKit which now sports a new debugger in the IDE!

The long awaited debugger allows you to track changes to any type of variables, array and types. Simply add the variables you want to track in the Debug variables list and these will update as your step through your code. Break points can be placed anywhere in your code and you can step through it line by line when you want to hunt down an elusive logic error. The call stack will show you where code is being called from.

You can even Debug your code direct to your device. For example you can step through your code on your Windows PC and see the results on your Android phone running the AppGameKit Player app, all the values will be reported back from the app and displayed in the IDE.

We hope you enjoy exploring this new feature of AppGameKit, it's very new so please report any issues back to us if you find any.

Other fixes in this version

We hope you enjoy this new version. Work will now carry on so keep an eye on TheGameCreators newsletter and the Steam pages for more information and updates on progress.

AppGameKit Mastery - Parlez-vous AppGameKit?


by Steve Vink 

As with all of the tutorials in this series, the code created for this tutorial can be simply dropped into your project with the addition of the #include statement, and used immediately in your project. The driving force behind the series is simple: Beginners can drop the code into a project and use it immediately. Intermediate users can analyse the code, learn new methods and concepts, and ultimately modify and enhance the modules. Advanced users can jump on the forums and discuss the many different ways to achieve the same outcome, enhancing all of our knowledge and expertise within the AppGameKit community!

Download the Code

You should download the code prior to reading the tutorials, as you will need to refer to the functions involved.

Multi-Language Apps

Last week I travelled to Italy, and whilst there received the following email:

Siamo spiacenti di informarla che il suo volo XXX del 01/04/2015 è stato cancellato.

Most of you will - like me - need the translation. I had to use Google translate:

We are sorry to inform you that your flight XXX of 01/04/2015 has been cancelled.

Yes, it was April the first. No, it was not a joke! 

What the email needed was the English translation, to make my already difficult day a little easier. In this tutorial we will do exactly that. We'll ensure that users of different languages can use your app in their own language. There are 2 ways to approach this:

Clearly option 2 is the neatest and most user-friendly. You find the app and download it, without having to search for your language in the store. From a developer's point of view, one set of collateral is much easier to manage. But it's difficult to build a second language into your app, right? Wrong! In fact, we'll build a set of functions which allow any number of languages with no additional coding effort beyond the addition of the first language.

Multi-language principles

To allow different languages, we follow one simple rule: Never hard-code a phrase in the program.

Last time, we created parameter-driven applications. Language can be treated in the same way, with each phrase defined as a parameter. Using the code from the previous tutorial, we have a structure whereby we can import any number of phrases and handle each one with a simple line of code when we need to access it. For our language module we'll build on this. 


Putting it together

Multi-Language Apps

As always, we'll look briefly at the code. You can drop the modules straight into any project and use them without any interrogation. 

Firstly, include the parameters module and the new language module:

#include "parameters.agc"
#include "language.agc"


Next, we initialise the parameter module and load the setup file:

LoadParms("setup.ini", "setup")


We have added a new parameter to the setup.ini file, language:



This saves our desired language between sessions.

As with the parameter module, we can initialise the language module now that we know the language to use. We use the getParm() function to retrieve it and pass it to the initLanguage()function:

initLanguage("Language", getParm("language","setup"))


If you look in more detail at the initialisation routine, you will see that it sets a folder for the language files. In this case, the folder is called Language. Open the project media folder, open the language sub-folder, and you will see that it contains 4 more sub-folders - English, French, Spanish and German.

The initialisation will iterate through the folders and add each one to an internal array. if you want more languages, add more folders, it's that simple!

The next thing that the function does is to load the phrases. Each folder contains a text file of the same name as the folder. For example, the English folder contains a text file named English.txt. This is the contents of that file:

welcome=Welcome to the Language Tutorial
advantage=Your application can support many languages
instruction=Please select a language


As you can see it looks just like the parameter files we used previously. We have used the functions from the parameter module to load the language. If we had set the intialisation language to French, this is what we would see in the loaded file:

welcome=Bienvenue dans le tutoriel Langue
advantage=Votre application peut supporter plusieurs langues
instruction=Se il vous plait selectionner une langue


All this has been achieved simply by using the language to determine the folder structure to follow. From this point onwards, we don't need to be concerned with the language in use. The single set of parameters will always contain the phrases in the correct language.

To display a particular phrase in a text entity, we can use the following syntax:

myPhrase = CreateText(getLanguagePhrase("welcome"))


GetLanguagePhrase() is a simple way to retrieve the correct parameter. There are also other helper functions to simplify tasks. In our example code, the languages available are listed as a menu. When you click on the menu option, the language changes instantly, without reloading the application. This is extremely easy to implement. Firstly, to retrieve the available languages use:


arrLanguage is an array of strings, defined like this:

global arrLanguage as string[]


This uses the AppGameKit reference functionality to populate your simple string array with a list of available languages. In the demo this is used to create a set of text buttons. When a button is clicked, the language name is used to set the new language:


This function reloads all of the parameters using the new language. Again, it's simple a wrapper for the functionality we built in the last tutorial. We are taking advantage of the ability to replace parameters with alternative values. Finally, we replace the text strings and the new language is displayed:

SetTextString(MyText, getLanguagePhrase("welcome"))


If you haven't already done so, download the code now.

Download the Code

Compile and run the code to understand how it looks to the user. Then, look at the code to see how it achieves this. I would also highly recommend downloading the latest update of AppGameKit and use the debugger to step through the code. It is available from version 2.0.12 and is an ideal way to watch the code in action!

Until next time,

Happy Coding!


Bomb Breaker released

Matty H, a long standing TheGameCreators forum user has released his second game written using AppGameKit 2. Bomb Breaker is available on  the Apple App StoreGoogle Play and Amazon from 27th March 2015.


Bomb Breaker is based on the typical breakout games but with a number of unique and fun features:
Matty H also took a little time out to explain some of the processes he goes through when developing Bomb Breaker.

"I developed this game as an entry for the Intel AppUp competition. The idea was to design an app which makes use of the ultrabooks sensors, touch, inclinometer, light etc. The Game Creators released a version of AppGameKit which could take advantage of all these features. 

I won an ultrabook to develop the game idea and I really can't remember if I also won a cash prize at the end also :)

The original game could be played by tilting the device to move the paddle around. The backdrop would change from day to night depending on the users own lighting conditions.

I always meant to get around to develop a version which was suitable for phones and tablets, and now I have, better late than never :)

AppGameKit was relatively new at the time of this competition so I developed the game in Tier 1, it's my only game I have completely developed using a basic language. Everything else I have done in C++, using DarkGDK in the past and AppGameKit Tier 2 more recently. Having the game developed in AppGameKit Tier 1 made it really easy to build for ios/android with the recently added build feature in the AppGameKit v2 IDE. The new v2 compiler also caught many bugs/inconsistencies in my code, which was nice of it.

The game utilises some graphics created by another AppGameKit user JLMoondog, some he was giving away free on the forum and I bought the planet/space images from his website for a very reasonable price. Although I think that website has been taken down now, unfortunately."

Shoot 'em up kit special offer

Tall Studios contacted us recently with some very exciting news about an update to their excellent Shoot 'em up Kit. You can read all about the aptly named Shoot 'em up kit 2 and it's features below.

As a special offer Tall Studios are pleased to give readers a change to grab a copy of the original Shoot 'em up Kit at 50% discount up until Sunday 19th April 2015. Simply use this promotional link here to redeem the offer.  As an extra bonus, Tall Studios will be upgrading all owners of version 1 to Shoot 'em up Kit version 2 for Free, so this is a amazing opportunity get both version 1 and version 2 for an great price.

Shoot 'em up Kit 2 seeks Steam Greenlight







Shoot 'em up Construction kit 2 launches at the end of April and the studio is currently seeking support for a Steam Greenlight, so why not head on over and check it out for yourself.


If you want an early peek of Shoot 'em up Kit 2, Tall Studios will be attending the following events:

Insomnia Gaming Festival (Insomnia 54) at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.3rd-5th April. The festival is also open on the 6th April but the exhibition hall (which includes the Indie Zone) is closed on this day.


Insomnia is a large gaming festival hosting a massive LAN party, tournaments, YouTube stars and exhibition hall. Insomnia also has a large Indie Zone with over 40 developers showing off their games.  It’s a great opportunity for people to try out a diverse selection of games and chat to their developers.

Tall Studios has been exhibiting at the last two festivals (photos attached) and are looking forward to showing off the Shoot ‘Em Up Kit 2.0 at Insomnia 54 too.  It’s always good to see people creating their own games and how proud they are of their results.  Everyone has their own idea and that’s great.

We will also be using the Shoot ‘Em Up Kit 2.0 to create a game in 30 minutes on the Expo stage during the exhibition; so we hope people will stop-by and cheer us on.

Play Blackpool at Norbreck Castle, Blackpool.  2nd-4th May



The Play events are a large festival of new, indie, retro, arcade and board games.  They have a large indie area where studios showcase their games.



V-Packer 2 coming soon.

Smart Packer Solutions

With V-Packer you can build a single executable from your software projects including games and application files, featuring a virtual file system, icon support, password protection, 32- and 64bit support and more features.



V-Packer is currently looking for a Steam Greenlight, and you can help support them by backing them here.

TheGameCreators YouTube Channel

Youtube ChannelTheGameCreators YouTube Channel is still going strong with over four years of content to browse and view:

Youtube ChannelTake a look at our channel now, and make sure you hit the subscribe button to stay up to date with new video uploads. Very often you'll get advanced previews of upcoming news.

We've also create a new GameGuru channel to focus on GameGuru tutorials and gameplay. You can access it here

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