AppGameKit Official Tier 2 Starter's Guide

AGK2 Tier 1 offers an amazing set of powerful commands embedded within a variation of the BASIC programming language. But if you already know C++, there is always going to be the desire to move on to Tier 2 and use C++'s object-oriented features to increase your programming efficiency.

Until now, there hasn’t been much in the way of training material to help you make the transition from Tier 1’s BASIC to Tier 2’s C++. However, finally, we’ve corrected that omission with the release of The Official AppGameKit Tier 2 Starter’s Guide.

This short book will show you how to get started with Tier 2 programming in both Windows (using Visual Studio Community 2015) and Android (using Android Studio).

You’ll find out:

  • How to use the free templates supplied by TGC to create your first Tier 2 app.
  • How to modify the existing templates
  • How to create more effective templates
  • How to add new classes to a project
  • How to build a static library that can be reused in multiple projects

As usual, the book contains many activities (with solutions) to help you gain practical experience while working through the text

Please note that this book does not attempt to teach C++ or AGK2 statements.

The guide was written and designed by author Alistair Stewart of Digital Skills. He has many years of experience creating educational material to help anyone learn how to program computers. Alistair created the highly respected [i]"Hands On"[/i] books that cover many different languages.