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The eXtends Expansion Pack

This pack eXtends the core features of DarkBASIC Professional, and expands it into four new areas. The new features include:

1) Dynamic Media Handling

Dynamic Media handling allows you to work in a faster way. Instead of creating media using the default DarkBASIC Professional commands (that forces you to define a number to each loaded media), you can now receive a media ID from the commands. This allows for a smoother code organisation, and a more intuiative way of naming media. All other commands in the eXtends plugin use the Dynamic Media Handling method to avoid conflict with user coding. Plenty of example source code is provided.

2) XGui System

XGui is a complete set of commands for a custom "Graphical User Interface" and is designed for games. It allows you to create virtual windows and gadgets, and use them to display all the information you need. The system can be used to display a large range of Game UI like simple FPS display with energy, armour and weapons, up to more complex ones like RPG games that display equipment information. It also handle custom files to support Skin themes for XGui Windows.

3) XFont System

The XFont system allows the output of text on screen using a Bitmap font, created from a single image file. It handles 8x8, 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 pixel wide bitmap fonts.

4) 2D FX

If you liked the old Super Nintendo 'mosaic' effects, but were never able to reproduce them, then this command set is for you! It can generate various levels of mosaic, and can also use a random pixel mode to give more impressive results. Are you an old-school demo addict? Then eXtends also includes 'wobble' effects, so you can deform images with sine wave patterns automatically.

5) Perfect Pixel Sprite Collision

With the eXtends plugin you can perform pixel perfect collision between 2 sprites. You can also collect the amount of pixels that collide with each sprite. To show you how it works a small "Snail in the Labyrinth" game, highly inspired by the old Sega Master System, is included as a demonstration sample.

6) Billboard system

This system is used to force an object to always face the camera. It is generally used by 2D/3D RPG games that use 3D for game environment and simple textures applied on a 3D sprite. It can also be used to generate light halos or 3D stars, and many others things.

7) Virtual 3D Lights system

DarkBASIC Professional uses hardware lights, which limits you to 7 in your scene. This system allows you to go beyond this, creating many more than 7. It works by calculating which ones will be closest to the camera, and activating them automatically. You can lock / unlock true DarkBASIC Professional lights to use them instead of letting the plugin select which ones will be displayed. Lock / Unlock commands are useful to keep a light available for special effects (like weapons plasma lights effects and more).

8) Custom Particle System

The main objective of this command set is to provide specific effects using our custom particle system. With the built-in presets it is easy to create stunning flames, snow, rain, smoke and sparkle effects. You can also customize the particle movements and speed, lending your own touch to them.

9) Real-Time Sky System

This set of commands is probably the master piece of this plugin. It's the perfect solution for people that wish to create a MMORPG or RPG/Adventure games with support for a full day and night cycle. It gives you the ability to use a set of sky systems, or create your own, and then choose the time expansion speed.

10) Bonus: Asteroids Game

To show you various features of this plugin at the same time, we have prepared a small game that uses the Real-time sky system, virtual lights, particles, XGUI, XFont and creates all objects dynamically using the plugin commands. This small game is available to show you how the eXtends plugin makes game programming easy with DarkBASIC Professional.

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Please note that eXtends is NOT compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.