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"It's not often that something genuinely innovative comes along for £40, but if you're bored with the current crop of shooters and fancy your chances at doing something creative, DarkBASIC is an excellent buy."
Computer Buyer - RECOMMENDED Award (5 out of 6 stars)

"In short, even with the limited command set, there is precious little you couldn't conceivably create, given time and experience. It is for this reason that we can recommend DarkBASIC over the competition."
PC PLUS #178 - 8 out of 10

"DarkBASIC is undoubtedly a powerful product." and "You can create an impressive 3D demo in a day or two.".
PC Answers - 76%

"...DarkBASIC is extremely simple to use. It has been created from a beginners point of view so any new users will have no trouble starting up. In fact, there are built-in help guides, quick start help menus, numerous tutorials and over 100 examples to guide you."
Special Reserve Magazine

"Any Good? Yes! Not only can you make some seriously good looking projects, but the software can use Direct X to make your 3D games look and play great on any Windows PC."
PC Guide - 8 out of 10

"Put at its simplest, anyone can start writing simple games that can be built up and developed with your growing knowledge of the modern PC to produce quality titles that play, look and sound good."

"This is literally the best product I have had the fortune to come across. The program can make your wildest game ideas come alive, and it's so simple to use. Within my first day, I made an input program, a Pong game and a few other things to mess around with. In short, DarkBASIC is the best program ever!"
James, Customer

"I am completely new to the programming world, and i dont think i could have found a better place to start than with DarkBasic. In the past I have tried to learn other languages, but have lost interest very quickly. What's different about DarkBasic is that you can see the results of your trials immediately. Instead of reading 200+ pages on text and 2D programming, you can jump right into a tutorial that gives you an easy to understand look at the 3rd dimension. The last thing I would like to say is that the codebase and forums are possible the most helpful things in the world to me. Not only can I read what others are asking, and see the results, but I can copy source code and manipulate it to see what happens. This is a much more fun way to learn programming. Thank you to everyone at The Game Creators, and keep up the good work!"
Andrew, Customer


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