DarkBASIC Lite
Aiko from the game Girls from the Block by Dmitriy Korabelnikov

We created the Lite version of DarkBASIC especially for you to test out DarkBASIC for an extended period of time. Although you cannot save an EXE file from the Lite version - all other features are fully intact including the complete on-line help, examples and access to the full command set. It's an extremely cheap way to test the "game programming" waters.

The Lite version is distributed electronically via a download link when you order, so you don't have to wait for a package to arrive in the post. You can upgrade from the Lite to the full electronic version at any time.

Comparison Chart

The following chart shows the differences between the two versions of DarkBASIC available. Please note that all three versions share the same system requirements.

DarkBASIC Comparison Chart
  Electronic Lite
Music Tracks: 40 0
Sound Effects: 120 0
Bitmaps and Animations: 10 Meg None
Textures: 5 Meg None
3D Objects: 50 0
Save as stand-alone EXE files: Yes No
Full Help and Examples: Yes Yes
Full Command Set: Yes Yes
Compatible with the Enhancement Pack: Yes No

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