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DarkBASIC allows you to create your own games, demos, slideshows, even business applications using the easy to understand BASIC programming language. Even if you've never coded before, just follow the in-depth tutorials and you'll be generating results in minutes! Harness the power of Direct X and make 3D objects come to life in just a few simple commands.

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Types of program you can make

What Makes DarkBASIC So Special?

For the first time ever, the power of the PC and Microsoft's game engine Direct X can now be controlled by everyday PC users. It's no longer the sole domain of the expert 'C' programmer. Anyone with a PC can now make 3D objects move around the screen interacting with other game objects and taking live responses from the game player's inputs.


All games created with DarkBASIC are license and royalty FREE!
All games can be distributed as a stand alone executable!

General Features 2D Features

Automated Double Buffering
Full-Screen Display Modes
AVI Animation Control
MIDI/MP3 Music Control
Over 45 Demo's
Over 25 Tutorials
Over 600 Textures
Over 120 Sound Effects
900 3D Models

10 Image Formats Supported
Super-Fast 2D blitting
Mirror, Stretch, Blur and Fade
Screen-Sized sprites
Fast Collision
Animated Sprites
Gamma Control
Scale Sprites
2D Drawing Functions

3D Features Misc. Features

X and 3DS Files Supported
Landscape Terraforming
Built-in 3D Primitives
Dynamic Model Space
Polygon Collision Detection
Full Model Manipulation
Model Animation
Ambient Lighting
Directional Lighting
Texture Filtering

Mouse Control
Keyboard Control
Force-Feedback Control
Gaming Device Control
System Handling
File Handling
User Friendly Editor
Integrated Help System
Extensive Exampes
Command Line Interface
Save As Single Executable

Can I Make Commercial Quality Games?

Other people are! So there is no reason why you can't too. If you've got the dedication and skill then you could produce a game worthy of retail with DarkBASIC. A number of DarkBASIC developers release their games into the Shareware market selling via their own web sites. Others have their games sold via independant distributors and publishers. If it's really good you can even find your game appearing on magazine CDs which is what happened to Star Wraith 3, featured in the PC Zone magazine for a number of months running.

But I've Never Programmed Before!

We can all sympathise with this - no-one is born knowing how to program a computer game and at times it can seem like a very distant and alien language. We were well aware of this when we designed DarkBASIC and tried our hardest to create a language that is as easy to read as it is powerful. Have a look at the example commands below - see if you can work out what they would do in your game:

XRotate Object 1, 180
Scale Sprite 1, 100
Mirror Bitmap 1
Set Text Font "Arial"
Set Light To Object Position
If Joystick Fire A() Then GoSub PlayerShoot

If you've got this far then with a little determination and learning you could teach yourself all you need to know about programming with DarkBASIC. For extra help along the way there are free on-line tutorials to learn from.

Get Dark Basic for FREE with Trial Pay;

Get DarkBASIC for FREE with TrialPay!