Key Features

Here are the Key Features of DarkBASIC:

  • All programs made are License and Royalty Free
  • Save your programs as stand-alone EXE files
  • Ten 2D Image Formats Supported
  • Seven Music File Formats Supported
  • Over 730 Commands included
  • 3D Studio and Direct X Object Support
  • Over 750 game orientated commands
  • Sprite support including flipping, scaling and collision
  • Set and control sounds in 3D space
  • Load, Play and Loop music files, inc. soundtracker music formats
  • Load and play music CD audio tracks
  • Load, Play and control Video Animations
  • Control 3D Fog depth, distance and colour
  • Ghost objects (make 3D objects semi-transparent)
  • Full Object Rotation control
  • Control Object Limbs (direction, angle, rotation, size)
  • Six built-in 3D Primitives
  • Create and Delete Object Meshes
  • Global or Object based automatic 3D Collision Detection
  • Automatic Camera and Orientation Commands
  • Create, Position and Colour Lights
  • Build, Texture and Map Matrix Landscapes
  • System Test Commands let you check for compatibility
Go-Joe Pogo by Dimsdale & Kreozot United Games Manufacture
File Formats Supported

DarkBASIC natively supports the following Media File Formats. Loaders / Savers for additional formats are available from 3rd party developers or can be written yourself.

File Format Name Load Save
2D Image - BMP BMP Yes Yes
2D Image - Run Length Encoded BMP RLE Yes  
2D Image - Device Independant Bitmap DIB Yes  
2D Image - Portable Network Graphics PNG Yes  
2D Image - JPEG JPG Yes Yes
2D Image - DirectDraw Surface DDS Yes  
2D Image - Targa TGA Yes  
2D Image - PCX PCX Yes  
2D Image - PhotoShop PSD Yes  
2D Image - Tagged Interchange Format TIFF Yes  
3D Object - 3D Studio 3DS Yes  
3D Object - DirectX X Yes Yes
Sound - Wave File WAV Yes Yes
Sound - Windows Media Audio WMA Yes  
Sound - Mpeg Layer 2 MP2 Yes  
Sound - Mpeg Layer 3 MP3 Yes  
Music - MIDI playback MIDI Yes  
Music - RMI RMI Yes  
Music - Scream Tracker S3M Yes  
Music - Fast Tracker XT Yes  
Music - Impulse Tracker IT Yes  
Music - SoundTracker MOD Yes  
Music - CD Audio Tracks CD-Audio Yes  
Animation AVI Yes  
Animation MPEG Yes