What is DarkBASIC?

DarkBASIC is a programming language for Windows based PCs that features many of the structures and commands found in the traditional BASIC language. You may know of other BASICs like QBASIC or Visual BASIC, well DarkBASIC is different and unique because it offers powerful game specific commands that can control 3D objects, vast landscape terrains, sprites, sound, music, multiplayer and much more.

Equilibrium Demo Screenshot

What is the purpose of DarkBASIC?

DarkBASIC has been designed for both beginners and professionals. Its aim is to provide an easy way to create PC computer games and at the same time offer powerful commands that are versatile and varied.

What can I make with DarkBASIC?

The question really should be "What can't I make with DarkBASIC?!". All of the follow types of game have been created with DarkBASIC.

  • First Person Shooter
  • Puzzle Games
  • Space Simulators
  • Driving Games
  • Multi-player Games
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Board Games
  • Fighting Games
  • Card Games
  • Classic 2D Games
  • Demos
Does it really make things easier for me?

Before DarkBASIC was available there was only really one route to making games on the PC. That route entailed learning C++ and delving into the software development kit for Microsofts Direct X engine. In simple terms, Direct X is an interface which communictes directly to your video and sound hardware. It saves developers the task of having to code for every type of video and sound card out there, instead all they have to do is learn how to command Direct X - but even this is tricky for most users. DarkBASIC does this by giving you really easy to understand commands. It takes these commands and then communicates your intentions to Direct X.

How easy is it to learn?

In a nut shell - very easy! Take for example this short program listing and description of what each line does:

make object cube 1,100
for x=1 to 360
	rotate object 1,x,x,0
next x
Line 1: This creates a 3D cube (object number 1) which has a width, depth and height of 100
Line 2: This sets up the start of a "FOR NEXT" loop where the value X will start with a value of 1 and this will be increased each loop until it reaches 360
Line 3: This command rotates object 1 (our cube) in 3D space on both the X and Y axis
Line 4: The final part of our loop, this increases the value of X by 1 and sends the program back to line 2, thus repeating the rotation of the cube

Most other languages just don't have these poweful 3D commands. In fact you would be forced to create your own screen first and then have the mathematic skills required to draw and rotate a complete 3D object.

Does DarkBASIC limit me in my creativity?

DarkBASIC is a programming language, this means you are not restricted in what you can create. You can choose to code any game type you like, examples done in the past include: multiplayer, FPS, card games, driving games, puzzle games and many more besides.