FAQ - General Features

  1. Q: Can FPS Creator Classic make multiplayer internet or LAN games?
    A: Yes. Multi-player death match support is included. Broadband / LAN is required for play. You can host the game on your own PC and let others connect to you. Games are limited to 8 players maximum.

  2. Q: I was wondering if you can have more than one weapon at the same time, so you can use a different gun when you want. Or do you have to pick up the weapons when you want to use them?
    A: You can carry up to 9 different types of weapon at once, but you cannot dual-wield them.

  3. Q: Do FPS Creator Classic games have physics, such as for background entities or enemies/particles?
    A: Yes, there is a complete physics system built into FPS Creator Classic. You can control all aspects of an objects physics from the properties panel (weight, force, friction). You can pick-up and throw objects around in-game, knock over crates, blow down walls, etc. It is all under your control.

  4. Q: Can I have exploding barrels?
    A: Sure. What kind of FPS game doesn't have exploding barrels? :)

  5. Q: Can I have rooms above other rooms? Or dungeons / cellars?
    A: Yes absolutely! You can create levels up to 20 floors in height.

  6. Q: Can I make moving objects like elevators, escalators, conveyor belts and trains?
    A: All of that is possible. Teleports and moving lifts are already included as standard, the rest would have to be scripted.

  7. Q: Can I have vehicles to drive?
    A: No vehicles yet. This is something we'll consider for a future version.

  8. Q: It is possible to have a sniper rifle, with the visual effect of zooming in on my target?
    A: Yes, some guns already have a zoom mode. You can customise which weapons do this and also the HUD that is displayed while in zoom mode.

  9. Q: Will we be able to create terrain for outdoor scenes?
    A: You can build "outdoor" environments.. i.e. have a map in which you can run from one building to the other (outdoors). But you are still "enclosed".. there is no EverQuest style free-roaming and certainly no terrain.

  10. Q: Can you make cool weapons like those motion detecting bombs from Half Life?
    A: Yes. A motion-detecting bomb would be an entity that tracks the distance of the player, triggers an explosion causing player damage, and then destroys itself.

  11. Q: Will it be possible to have a game menu? Like "Start game", "credits", "options", "quit" ,"load game" , "save game"?
    A: Yes but you are limited in what functions can appear in it. You can however change every single pixel of the game menu, with your own buttons, background, mouse cursor and music.

  12. Q: How big can the levels be?
    A: Levels are 40x40x20 3D grid sections in size.

  13. Q: How many enemies will it be possible to have in one level?
    A: There is no hard coded limit, but don't go too mad or your CPU will suffer.

  14. Q: Can you decide how much energy the enemies have?
    A: Yes, this is set via the Entity Properties panel.