Upgrade 7.5 - 28th June 2010


1) Download and install Upgrade 7.5. You can get it from the download box below these instructions. This upgrade will only work with the full version of DarkBASIC Professional.

2) If you have already activated DarkBASIC Professional, you do not need to do this again after installing this Upgrade.

As with any upgrade - always take a backup of your source code (usually your "Projects" folder) before installing. You can access any previous Upgrade on this site, the most recent are: 7.4, 7.3, 7.2 and 7.1.

Upgrade 7.5 Extras

This zip file contains various extras compatible with Upgrade 7.5. Contents include updated FPSCreator source code engine (for V117 version - interim version).

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed bug causing 'save document on compile' to delete include files when it was not ticked
  • Fixed syntax highlighting of 'longest' DBP command (PHY SET DEFAULT SLEEP ANGULAR VELOCITY SQUARED)
  • Forced TABS to SPACES functionality to solve issues relating to syntax detection and conversion errors
  • Fixed bug causing variable colour to stray from required BLACK
  • When use SAVE AS, forces project to dirty state (so interface requires a project save)
  • When use SAVE PROJECT AS, internal DOC* document updated with new DBA paths (GG issue)
  • Confirmation of project files transfer skipped when use SAVE PROJECT AS
  • When use the SAVE PROJECT AS, absolute paths of new DBA files correctly saved if compile
  • Fixed FIND IN FILES to highlight the correct line (not the one above the right line)
  • Now adds project to recent file list during SAVE PROJECT and SAVE PROJECT AS actions
  • When selecting a project icon, the path is chopped if the icon is in project folder
  • Changed ALT+BACKSPACE to CTRL+Z for UNDO and added CTRL+Y for REDO shortcuts
  • Removed PRINT button from toolbar (saves all them lovely trees)
  • Removed VARIABLE from the colour changing schemes inside Options (irratic results in DBP)
  • Fixed Highlight Current Line - correct line when hit RETURN for CR
  • Prevents AD window from displaying if no internet connection
  • Fixed Concatenation Not Work With F7
  • Fixed New project Can Overwrite One Of Same Name
  • Fixed Label not recognised if you add a space before
  • Updated LAUNCH.CFG with new EditorNew.exe redirection (launching new IDE)
  • NOTE: Users wishing to revert to the old editor can simply change LAUNCH.CFG
  • Report in output window that compilation has started (verbose)
  • Fixed bug with line concatenation - Wasn't clearing temp variable between concats so the first join would work and following ones wouldn't.
  • Fixed bug with identifying labels that contain underscores
  • Keywords are no longer detected as labels, and are correctly detected as keywords
  • Editor compiled under standard Visual Studio C++ to remove reliance on Intel Compiler's need for specific SSE systems
  • Variables correctly highlight in code view when preceded with GLOBAL or LOCAL
  • Double click in code view will move keyboard focus to text editor area
  • Population of code view accelerated (and updates item rather than refreshes whole view)
  • When error line identified, hitting RETURN will not delete the whole line, but position the cursor on a newly inserted line
  • Find now keeps a history previous searches during the session to make finding common words easier (legacy behaviour)
  • Replace TAB with SPACE tick option now works, allowing #CONSTANT (tab) name (tab) value to work properly
  • Added a feature to make a single .BAK backup prior to saving a .DBA file by default (legacy support with old editor)
  • When leave a modified project, prompts with 'do you want to save?', to protect any changes to a project you are leaving
  • Autocomplete end block feature no longer puts repeated redundant end blocks when you insert a new line
  • Removed RCX files from appearing in DBP folder
  • Print option removed from editor (redundant feature, save a tree)
  • Editor shows showns VERBOSE error report, not just a single line from the compiler (line 3)
  • F3 now used in the default editor as the Find feature (press F3 to skip to netx occurance)
  • Function folding now shows function name once folded
  • DirectX check removed from editor as some Operating Systems do not support all forms of DX detection
  • Trigger Intro Help Page if flagged in USERDETAILS (INTROON to call up help page)
  • Re-established Ad-Based Free Version system in overhauled interface (fixed output bar size)
  • Added NETBOOK detection (currently disabled pending static build of libraries from Intel)
  • Added extra line of text to keystate window indicating hardware codes (EDITOR) not always directinput codes (DBP)
  • Removed Office 2010 visual style as it crashed the Options Menu on re-entering the dialog box
  • Removed 'Advanced Settings', preventing interface from overwriting SETUP.INI (breaks legacy behaviour)
  • Fixed 'associate project and source files' code to be more robust (deletes any old keys, creates new working ones)
  • Can CANCEL COMPILE from the Compile menu during the compilation process
  • Replaced main interface icon to distinguish between old editor, new interface and default DBP applications
  • Replace and Replace All fixed by replacing internal AND operation with PLUS operation
  • Fixed bug causing all help examples to fail a compile from within the help page
  • Added further code to ensure SETUP.INI is not modified at all (retaining legacy behaviour)
  • Changed the linker options of the DBP Executable to use /FIXED:NO (relocation table)
  • Added APPUPPLUGIN.DLL to ensure future DBP updates are compatible with the NETBOOK version
  • Failure to save a .BAK file now silent
  • When you start a new DBP session, and type some code, then instantly go to FILE > SAVE AS you are deposited in the Windows Temp folder instead of the DBP Projects folder, now fixed
  • Ensure the new interface detects the difference between SYNC ON : and SYNC ON: (and related instances)
  • When you press F1 to get context sensitive help, and the help page is already open, the interface now switches to the help page tab automatically.
  • Prevented the SAVE PROJECT and SAVE PROJECT AS from accepting a .DBA file extension
  • Ensure the code auto-complete only adds end-code when cursor is at END of start code syntax
  • Fixed bug causing Tools->Options dialogs to crash due to removal of SETUP.INI changing code
  • Removed data memory deletion from inside List structure code (as it was deleted again externally)
  • Recompiled all DLLs to ensure legacy behaviour based on D3DX_31 (October 2006)
  • Recompiled all modules to ensure full alignment with latest base source code (compiler, e.t.c)
  • Recompiled all DLLs for BETA8 (to ensure latest FPSC tweaks make it into DBP U75 beta)
  • Recompiled all DLLs for BETA10 (solves light DLL crash amongst others)
  • Update SET BITMAP FORMAT to make a note of how default surface format could be ARGB or XRGB
  • Added new protection for a new DBP official plug-in to be released shortly - watch this space!
  • As of U75 and beyond, the core DBP compiler has been amended to allow a TGCFree module (internal use)
  • Modified EXE and COMPILER to prevent an EXE+PCK application from reading the EXE for data
  • NOTE: Above allows DBP applications to be treated as a standard Win32 stub (in PCK mode)
  • Fixed bug causing attached media in the order of 10,000 files to stack overflow
  • Added code to prefer a PCK in the CWD over the PCK alongside the EXE (names must match)
  • Added new VR920EXIST=RESET LEFT EYE() command to detect VR920 and reset to left stereo eye
  • New RESET TRACKING command to calibrate head tracker of VR920 device during runtime session
  • Added code to ensure window mode layout types retain correct window client size (allows AA to work)
  • Added special string detector to WINDOW TO FRONT for "__topmost__" to force the app to the very front
  • Added new special mode (Window Mode with res of 1,2 will force a 640x480 window at 5000,5000
  • UpdateAnimationCycle now called outside of FASTSYNC code, only when SYHC used
  • Check for memory allocation errors when allocating or growing arrays
  • Fixed memory leak for strings within plain and UDT arrays
  • Determine the correct applicable version of DX9 for Vista and Windows 7
  • Fixed crash caused by loading/deleting lots of animations.
  • Fixed animation volume.
  • Fix related to running UpdateAnimationCycle outside of FASTSYNC calls (animspeed)
  • BOX amended to improve colour interpolation (the box centre is now a true average of all 4 corner colours, rather than just the top-left/bottom-right).
  • Added new parameter to SET OBJECT MASK Obj,CamMask,ShadowMask,CubeMask,ForeImmuneMask
  • Modified ATTACH OBJECT TO STATIC to use object 'center', not raw position
  • Fixed major crash bug when trying to MAKE MESH FROM OBJECT with mixed primtypes
  • Ensured the flag bRenderedThisCycle is only used for camera zero (for quick universal object culling)
  • GAMEFX : Added SET STATIC EFFECT TECHNIQUE command, to set ALL shaders in static object to a technique
  • Added extra functionality to FX shader parser to allow and handle the RENDERCOLORTARGET semantic
  • Fixed bug causing cube maps applied onto objects using a shader would not render the cubemaps
  • Reverted CHANGE MESH runtime error to silent warning (no way to detect for no-mesh in limb)
  • Removed near plane from frustrum zero checks in static universe culling (to fix nose-touch-portal bug)
  • Added parameter to SET OBJECT FRAME obj,LIMB,frame,mode (used for per limb animation frame control)
  • Modes above are 0=normal, 1=override limb animation, 2=disable animation altogether
  • Fixed bone animation update code to not reset bAnimUpdateOnce flag (DP rope demo now works)
  • Fix transparency mode for early-rendered objects in SET OBJECT command
  • Reset the parent for child limbs when reloading a .dbo.
  • When getting the size of an instance, take into account the instance scaling.
  • When making a mesh from an instanced object, use the target object instead.
  • Deleting an object that has a clone sharing its data, will cause the clone to also be deleted (this is the same behaviour as instances of objects).
  • Update Euler angles of an object immediately when using freeflight commands.
  • Added new parameter to COLOR BACKDROP CamID,Back,ForeColorWipe
  • NOTE: Use above extra parameter to replace all textures/effects with single color
  • Fixed memory leak caused when DELETE CAMERA did not free the data structure within the node
  • Fixed bug causing textured backdrop from not using it's linear texture filtering
  • Recompiled for new DBO arrangement (however no change in data structure)
  • If a limb has no name, and one is provided for its mesh, write the mesh name into the limb.
  • Correctly fail when attempting to load a non-existent texture when the texture flag is set to 1.
  • Correct the exclusion code for imageblocks, so if exclusion is set to an empty string, nothing is excluded.
  • READ STRING command now able to read strings of any size
  • WRITE STRING command now able to write strings of any size
  • Fixed big bug causing collision exist to always return false, meaning possible list memory leak
  • Re-enable antialiasing after sprite rendering if it needed to be disabled.
  • Correct update code for sprites to include animated single-image sprites.
  • Added extra parameter to system smem available(1) to return true process heap usage in KB
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