DarkBASIC Professional Tutorials

We proudly present our first batch of tutorials for DarkBASIC Professional that should help every programmer no matter how advanced or novice they are. Here you have 80 pages worth of free tutorials that contain insights into the language and are full of technical information you won't find anywhere else. The tutorials are graded from Beginner to Advanced - this grade reflecting the subject matter and depth covered, but all of them will have something to offer.

The tutorials are PDF files and you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Viewer to read or print them.

Screen Scrolling Techniques

Topics Covered: Achieving a fast full-screen scrolling effect using sprites and manipulating their UV data. Covers vertex structure, project set-up and 2D graphics fundamentals (image grabbing, sprite formation).

Beginner to Intermediate / 9 Pages

Download DBPro Tutorial 1 (802k)

Rainbow Shading

Topics Covered: How to make suitable images (rainbow maps) for use with the Rainbow Shading commands built into DarkBASIC Professional and how to use the commands.

Intermediate / 8 Pages

Download DBPro Tutorial 2 (762k)

RGB Colour Values

Topics Covered: Detailed use of the point command to retrieve colour values from the screen and how the RGB commands work including colour extraction and manipulation.

Beginner to Intermediate / 7 Pages

Download DBPro Tutorial 3 (223k)

Data Types

Topics Covered: Your only complete guide to all of the data types used in DarkBASIC Professional, their sizes, limits, C++ equivalents and a complete guide to understanding binary, integers, floats and memory structure. Essential reading.

Intermediate / 7 Pages

Download DBPro Tutorial 4 (125k)


Topics Covered: You'd be amazed what you can achieve with the humble box command! This covers giving user interfaces a vast overhaul with minimal work, generating colourful textures and more.

Beginner / 10 Pages

Download DBPro Tutorial 5 (239k)

Huge Dungeons

Topics Covered: Who hasn't ever dreamed of creating their own role playing game? This tutorial covers one of the most important aspects - building a nice huge dungeon in 3D! Includes map maker utility, loading and map rendering routines. A very good start (but not for complete beginners).

Intermediate / 11 Pages

Download DBPro Tutorial 6 (411k)

2D Star Fields

Topics Covered: A true stallwart of shoot-em-up games, learn how to build your own 2D parallax star field and get a good introduction to User Defined Types at the same time.

Beginner / 6 Pages

Download DBPro Tutorial 8 (211k)

2D MemBlock Star Fields

Topics Covered: Building on what we learnt in Tutorial 8 we teach you all about memblocks and pixel locking to give our star field a serious boost of speed. Essential (but advanced) reading.

Advanced / 10 Pages

Download DBPro Tutorial 9 (345k)

Sprites and the Blue Background

Topics Covered: Learn how and why the 3D environment is initialised when you use sprites in DarkBASIC Professional and how to avoid the "blue background" syndrome.

Beginner / 5 Pages

Download DBPro Tutorial 10 (113k)

Field of View

Topics Covered: It's one of the most important parts of DarkBASIC and yet most people don't even know about it - here we present the Field of View, how to change it and what effect it will have if you do.

Beginner / 7 Pages

Download DBPro Tutorial 11 (206k)

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